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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital #9 ]

Genl Hospl No. 9 

Rules to be observed in this Hospital

1st No patient is allowed to lay on the beds with his shoes on or spit on or otherwise defile the floor.

2 No smoking can be allowed in this Hospital.

3 Any neglect on the part of nurses or ward masters must be reported to the Surgeon in charge and any patient not properly cared for by the medical attendant will make his case known at once through the ward master who is required to report it to the Surgeon in Charge.

4 No profane language or improper conduct can be allowed.

5 No article will be furnished from the apothecary except on the written prescription of the Surgeon in attendance upon the ward which prescription must contain the number of the patients bed.

Above please find the rules observed in the regulations of this hospital as regulated to be furnished.

Wm. H. Coffin
Surg in charge

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