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Information about Medical College Hospital in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

located on the south side of Marshall street, to the west of the Egyptian building.

Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1860; adv for Medical College Hospital, gives prices and names surgeons, McCaw, Gibson and Peticolas among them
Richmond Enquirer 3/28/1861; ad for the summer schedule of classes at the Medical College - McCaw and Gibson are listed as professors; students will have access to patients at Bellevue Hospital and Alms House free of charge
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1861; Captain of the Washington Artillery is wounded and in Richmond in a private home; many members of the Montgomery guard are in the Medical College hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1861; Medical College Hospital needs servant & washerwoman
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1861; 3 negro nurses needed for Medical College Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/23/1861; resident students needed at Medical College Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1861; Medical College notice for the next term, includes listing of professors (McCaw, Gibson, Peticolas, etc)
Richmond Enquirer 9/25/1861; list of hospitals in Richmond with current capacities. Notes that POWs are at the General Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 1/27/1862; ad for the Medical College Hospital. McCaw and Gibson are amongst the Surgeons
Richmond Whig 3/6/1862; accidental death at the "Richmond Medical Hospital" [probably Medical College Hospital]
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; MCV Hosp needs 4 male nurses & 2 washer-ironers
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; L. S. Joynes, MCV Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; Excellent adv for Medical College Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1862; F. M Parrish, steward at MCV Hosp., needs 1000 lbs straw for hosp. beds
Ledger of Confederate Hospital Practice no date; Rules and Regulations for Medical College Hospital
Library of Congress 10/6/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals and empty beds
Library of Congress 10/16/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals, empty beds, and Patients in them
Library of Congress 11/1/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals, empty beds, and Patients in them
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; large adv for MCV Hospital, giving details on new rates
Richmond Enquirer 1/13/1863; new rates at Medical College Hospital
William A. Carrington CSR (M331) (no.21) 1/21/63; Order closing down St. Francis de Sales & Medical College Hospitals.
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 151, p. 57 9/1862 - 1/1863; Statistics of Medical College Hospital - hospital closed after January, 1863

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