Richmond Dispatch, 10/5/1861

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/5/1861, p. 3, c. 1

Meeting of Marylanders.

On Thursday evening a large party of Marylanders met at Adamss building, on 10th street, between Main and Cary, pursuant to a call from Adjutant Geo. W. Alexander, to express their sympathy for Colonel Richard Thomas in his incarceration, and to organize a battalion to be named after him.

The meeting was called to order by Capt. Dugan, a fine specimen of Marylander, and after the object of the meeting was explained, Adjutant Alexander was called to the chair, and Capt. Lookerman appointed Secretary. A committee of three, consisting of Captains Lookerman, Kyle, and Rogers, was appointed to draw up resolutions, which they will prepare and present this evening, when the men will be enrolled and leave on Sunday for the rendezvous. This looks like action, and we trust all who can will join. There are many here idle. Let them join; and from what we have learned, they will not want for men to lay out work for them to do, and lead them to it. The command of the battalion will be bestowed upon the same able officer, and when the Colonel is once more among us he will be the commander of the Z. Z.s. We wish them success. Adjutant Alexander is rapidly recovering. He navigates will with one crutch, and expects soon to navigate somewhere else.


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