Richmond Dispatch, 8/21/1861

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/21/1861, p. 2

Supplies from the Country for the Sick and Wounded. - The response of the country people to the appeal of the Richmond committee for the care of the sick and wounded, made through our paper a few days ago, has been liberal to a degree that excites the admiration of every beholder. Yet the enormous consumption of chicken, eggs, butter, meats and vegetables, compels the committee to remind their friends that a continuance of their bounty is essential to the success of the St. Charles Hospital, where hundreds of sick and convalescent men have to be fed every day at the expense of private contributions. Other smaller hospitals are in a similar situation, and should be likewise remembered. The gentlemen in the country heretofore designated to act as county and neighborhood committees, and any others disposed to do so, are requested to exert themselves. Articles may be sent, as heretofore, to the stores of Messrs. Watt & Co., W. G. Dandridge, and Spotts & Harvey, or to the St. Charles.


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