From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/13/1861 , p. 2

Increase of Sick and Wounded. There arrived in Richmond on Sunday, via the old Louisa route, an addition of nearly three hundred and fifty to our present stock of wounded and disabled soldiers. Some of them are suffering with measles, some with bilious and other affections that will require medicine and careful nursing to restore them again to a condition of usefulness. The St. Charles and Wall Street Hotels, both now used as Hospitals, contain over 460 patients, who, we are confident, will receive all the care and attention that their several cases demand. Our citizens, aided by those from other parts of the Confederacy, have thus far shown themselves untiring in their exertions to put the wounded and sick soldiers of the Confederacy on a war footing again as soon as careful nursing and good diet and medicine will enable them to do so.

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