From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/23/1861 , p. 1

Springfield Hospital . – This hospital was established several months ago by churches on “Church Hill,” in this city. Under the management of the kind ladies of the “Soldiers’ Aid Society,” assisted by a committee of competent gentlemen, this institution has rendered invaluable service to our sick and wounded soldiers. It now has under its care about fifty sick, who, we are glad to say, are in an improving condition. Doctors Knox, Watson, and Picot, are constant in their attentions, free of all cost. This hospital has been supplied, so far, mainly by the liberality of those by whom it was established; but at present it is greatly in need of fresh supplies. Grateful for the prompt and liberal responses of our friends in behalf of the St. Charles and other hospitals, we call upon them not to forget the “ Springfield .” Will they not send, at once, to the care of Rev. Alex. G. Brown, pastor of Trinity Church, such things as eggs, butter, chickens, bacon, crackers, wines, &c.; also, towels, sheets, pillow slips, old clothes, bandages, &c.? Contributions of money will also be acceptable.

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