From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/10/1862, p. 2, c. 5

Attempted Escape From Prison. – A number of the men confined in Castle Thunder entered into a plan a few nights ago to escape, by digging their way through the wall enclosing the eastern side of the prison. The noise made by them in getting out the bricks gave the prison authorities the first intimation they had of the state of affairs. Soon after which a guard was stationed in the stable, immediately over the spot where the parties would have to make their egress. To reach the level of the stable floor from the “hole in the wall” below, the parties had to burrow upwards over four feet, through the debris formed by the ruins of the old East India warehouse, which adjoins Greanor’s factory. The parties were two days in making preparations for their flight. When the first one emerged from the hole into the stable (about 9 o’clock Wednesday night) a pistol was presented at his head, and he was told he would be shot if he made the slightest noise. In this way thirteen emerged through the hole, and were captured. One fat fellow stuck fast, and the noise made in getting him clear alarmed all the rest. The captives were taken before the commandant of the prison, who ordered them to be put in the dungeon, and fed on bread and water.



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