From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/18/1862, p. 1, c.

Prison Items. The following prisoners were lodged in Castle Thunder yesterday: Peter Ross, co. D, 1st La, deserter; David Robinson, representing himself as a Marylander, without passport or other documents; A. M. Darnell, co. A, 7th Va, forged leave of absence; Aaron Bennett, disloyalty of an aggravated nature all of the above were sent by Captain John Avis, the Provost Marshal of Staunton. A man, named Jerome Gordon, co. G, 5th Va. cavalry, arrested for having forged papers, and in the above gang, succeeded in making his escape from the guard-house at Staunton. In the city, officer Schaffer arrested A. B. Sprowle, co. L, 7th N. C, as a deserter, and officer Caphart, - Oliver Rogers, co. F, 5th Ala; Jno Forney, co. L, 10th La, and A. Jones, co. A, 8th La, for desertion all of whom were put in prison. James McGinness and James O'Harra, of Rodgers's cavalry, were lodged in the prison for deserting from their command.


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