Richmond Dispatch, 12/30/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/30/1862, p. 1, c. 6

Mayor's Court, Monday, Dec. 29th.—Richard Barry was arraigned, charged with being a suspicious character. He had been arrested Saturday night by officer Griffin, while running from a house near St. James's Church, with others, the cry of murder and stop thief being heard to proceed therefrom immediately before. Barry who is a native of St. Louis, Mo., ran up 5th street, and was captured, his companions escaping, The cause of the cry was hot Barry was commented as a suspicious character in default of $200 security for his good behavior.

John W. Goodwyn, aged about 17, was arraigned for stealing a lot of wood, belonging so Nailor to Smith, from off the Basin. Having been caught in the act, be was committed, for indictment.

George Green a small boy, as verdant as his name implied was called to the bar for appropriating two doll babies belonging to Samuel Frank installs caddy stere, corner of 6th and Broad streets, on Saturday evening. The waxen images were hold as evidence against the defendant, who was committed for indictment.

Sam, slave of J. R. Anderson, and Wm. Meekins, a free negro, were arraigned for fighting in the street. Meekins had passed a bogus note on Sam for genuine currency, and the latter was getting even by a physical demonstration when both parties were seized by the police Meekins was ordered 30 lashes; Sam was let off.

Thos. Gitroy and John Ferguson of the Maryland Line, were found illustrating the mode of treatment they intended to meet to the Yankees in the street. The police, not understanding the nature of the combat, took them both up for fighting. They were released and returned to Camp Lee, in custody of Lieut Small.

Jas. A Clarke, and Jim Murphy, a boy, were charged with feloniously and violently assaulting and attempting to rob Jac. A. Owens, in Sugar Bottom, south of the Easin, on the line of 9th st. The defendants, while Owens was at the Petersburg Depot, Friday night, undertook to show him the way to a feed store owned by the Government, and on the way attempted to get even by robbery. In doing this they stabbed him in the face with a knife, under the left eye, and on his crying out ran off. He identified Clarke as one of the assailants, who was sent on for trial, Murphy proved an alibi and was let off.

Jerry, slave of Elizabeth Richardson, was arraigned for entering the house of Joseph M Thompson, on Marshall street, Friday, and stealing $31 in specie, $150 in notes, and several articles of jewelry. Thompson deposed that his house had been entered and robbed Friday evening, between three and four o'clock. Suspicion rested upon Jerry, because he was known as a "trader," and lived on an adjoining lot. The house of prisoner's wife being searched, a considerable amount of money and also of jewelry were discovered. None of it was identified by Mr. Thompson. An alibi was established for Jerry, and he was let off, the goods taken from his wife's house being delivered to his master.

Anderson, slave of T. O. Burton's estate, was ordered 30 lashes for stealing a $35 coat from Henry, slave of Mary Anderson, at the Bellevue Hospital. He was also sent to jail as a runaway.

Randolph, slave of Felix Mathews, and Nelson, slave of R. B. Tyler, underwent an examination for stealing $200 worth of clothing from Alexander McGort, the greater portion of which was found in their possession. Randolph was ordered 39 lashes, and Nelson 25.

Iverson, Petrach, and John, slaves of Mrs. Clopton, and Ned, slave of Mrs. Sarah James all lads, were charged with assaulting Peter Dunnavant, a white boy, and dispossessing him, of sundry newspapers. The latter were afterwards recovered as they were trying to sell them in the 2d Market — The accused were ordered each a whipping.

Thomas E. Conn's case, for stabbing Antoine Capehart, was continued for ten days. The stabbing was done accidentally while Conn, a C[illegible] Captain, was defending himself from the attack of a lot of rowdies.

The case of Joseph Gregor, charged with shooting and killing Mike Horan, in Henrico county, few weeks since, was further continued because of the absence of witnesses.


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