Richmond Dispatch, 12/31/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/31/1862, p. 1, c. 4

Prison Items. The following parties were lodged in Castle Thunder yesterday: John Welsh, Rodgers's cavalry, desertion; Geo Nolan, of the steamer Richmond for confinement on bread and water; Julia Thomas, Ann D Fletcher, and Martha A Thomas, arrested at West Point as suspicious characters; Jas Howard, Woolfolk's artillery, A Newberry, co C, 57th Va reg't, and Samuel Sprouse, of Capt Jordan's company, for trial by Court-Martial; Wm B Foskey, co K, 49th Ga, J B Terrell, co B, 5th S C reg't, Wm B Bradley, co G, 16th N C reg't, for being absent without leave; W Traylor, battery No. 4; Wm Turner and Thos Owens, co E, 3d Va reg, for desertion; Thomas Hall, a Yankee. Six North Carolinians, who were taken in arms and while wearing U S uniforms, by our forces near Kinston, in North Carolina, were also brought to Richmond yesterday, and lodged in prison to be tried for their treason. These miserable scamps pretended to have regularly enlisted in the Yankee army. Three sailors, belonging to a Yankee Marine battery near Newbern, captured near that place, were also brought in; also, twenty-three deserters from the Camp of Instruction, near Raleigh, N. Carolina. Among the number was Wm. Ashley, of Co. F. 69th N. C., who had deserted three times. J. Upchurch. of Captain Persley's Company, Va. State Line, Col. Mennifee's Regiment, was sent in as a deserter, having reached North Carolina in his wanderings. Henry Land was put in by order of Lieut-Col. Howard, for joining in and instigating a mutiny at a battery near this city. Richard Roberts, Dan Hogan, Barry Lathian, and Wm. Thompson, soldiers, were put in by order of Major Griswold, Provost Marshal, as was also M. Sterne, a deserter from our army since September. Sterne, after running away from the army got out Prussian papers under an assumed name. Thos Kinney, a boy belonging to Co. A, 7th N. C., and Joseph Dailey, Co F 15th La, were put in last night for drunkenness and disorderly conduct, and Anthony Ryan, of the steamer Richmond, as a deserter.


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