Richmond Dispatch, 12/8/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/8/1862, p. 1, c. 6

Prison Items. The following parties were received at the Libby prison yesterday, viz: A. J. Ashby, R. B. Glascock, and Alex. Pool, deserters, 3d Virginia cavalry; Edward Ware and John Brown, Rodgers's cavalry, (subject to order of their captain;) nine men from Castle Booker for medical treatment; J. Coggin, company K, 4th Tenn., a paroled Yankee prisoner; and for desertion: M. Cusick, company B, 10th La. regiment; John Gibbons, alias Wm. Jones, company K, 5th La; A. Deas, company I, 48th N. C; M, Carney, company B, 16th La; ten men from Sallsbury, N. C; Patrick McLaughlin, 1st Md. regiment; John Savage, do.; Pat. Flannagan, company B, 5th Texas; John Medmay, Rodgers's cavalry; Mike Moriarty, do; James Mahan, company G, 2d Miss battalion; Christopher McDonald, battery No. 4; Allen Simpson, company E, 38th N. C; John Robinson, company B, 3d N. C. battalion, substitute and deserter, Richard Griffith, 4th Ohio regiment, was also sent to this prison from the Libby for confinement on Saturday.

Yesterday P. Pierce, Co. B, 1st Tenn. (Yankee) regiment, taken in Campbell county; J. J. Barker, Co. E, 2d Tenn. (Yankee) regiment, taken in Claiborne county, and T. McCoy, Co. G, 2d Tenn. (Yankee) regiment, taken in Morgan county, charged with bridge-burning, were brought to Richmond and committed to Castle Thunder for trial. Also, the following, for engine stealing, in the places named, viz: W. Benzinger, 21st Ohio, Claiborne county, Tenn; J. Parrott, 33d Ohio, Wm, Pittinger, 2d Ohio, R. Buffman, 21st Ohio, R. H. Mason, do., Wm. Reddick, 33d Ohio, near Chattanooga; and the following disloyal citizens of East Tennessee, viz: John Walls, H. Miller, J. W. Green, R. White, J. W. Barlow; and J. B. Tompkins, Jno. Collins, and Barney Dooley, Rogers's Cavalry, were put in for drunkenness. Stephen C. Guy Co. A. 9th Va. Cavalry, was sent to the Castle by Capt. Turner, for punishment. J. Grandison Baker, Co. A, 6th Va., was arrested and put in the Castle by officer Caphart, by direction of a telegraphic dispatch from the Provost Marshal of Staunton.


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