Richmond Dispatch, 5/6/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/6/1862, p. 2, c. 4

Installed in Office. – Major Elias Griswold was yesterday installed in office as Provost Marshal of Richmond, vice Archibald C. Godwin, who has been assigned to duty as the custodians of all the Yankee prisoners at Salisbury, N. C., at the unanimous request of the residents in that section of country. Major Godwin will have charge of a battalion in Salisbury, whose duty it is to take care of the 2,000 prisoners at that place. Major Gibbs, the former commandant of the post, has raised a regiment since being there, and will take the field at an early day at the head of as brave a set f fellows as can be scared up in a day’s walk. The new Provost Marshal is a lawyer of eminence in his section of country – the Eastern Shore of Maryland – a Breckinridge elector in the last Presidential contest, and for years a violent opponent of Thos. Holliday Hicks, the renegade Governor of glorious old Maryland. For many manifestations of Southern sentiment old Hicks ordered Griswold to be arrested, when he escaped and united his fortunes with the Southern Confederacy. Under his watchful care the city will no doubt preserve its late character as a quiet and orderly place. We are convinced that if such is not the case, it will not be from any want of care and attention on the part of the new Provost Marshal and his assistants.

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