From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/30/1862, p. 3, c. 4

Yankee Prisoners. We have rarely witnessed a more stirring time that suited in Richmond on Saturday last. What instant arrival of our own wounded, who were with the most assiduous care and attention from the battlefield by the Committee, appointed for that purpose, and citizens generally, and the almost continual arrival of captured Hessians, the people were afforded an almost exhaustless subject, not only for action, but comment. As we have intimated, our wounded received every care and attention, while we are sure that the unmanly foe who had been arrested in his career of rapine and murder could not complain of the treatment, he received, even though his grand entry into the "rebel capital" involved in no degree a triumph of his own. We have heard reports of the arrival of over 3,200 prisoners of war, including nearly a hundred officers of different grades; but if that number arrived, they were not listed at the different places appointed for their reception. Up to ten o'clock yesterday mooring, about 1,800 men, including most of the 4th New Jersey and 11th Pennsylvania regiments, had been landed in prison at this point. The list of prisoners embraces one Brigadier General, sundry Colonels, a full supply of captains, an indefinite number of lieutenants, with a slight sprinkling of adjutants and surgeons. These latter, it is understood, in pursuance of a recent agreement between our own and the Lincoln Government, are to be released unconditionally.--No doubt they will be sent to rejoin their late comrades as soon as an opportunity occurs for their safe conduct across our lines. In furnishing a list of the prisoners, we forbear comment on the scenes and incidents occurring on their march to and entry into the city. Much might be said, the materials being ample, but we feel no inclination to give notoriety to these marauders, too many hearthstones, not only in our midst, but throughout the Confederacy, being brought to grief by their high handed acts of usurpation and lawless raids on our once peaceful and happy soil. As truthful chroniclers of events we must not omit to mention that much ill-feeling has been created in the bosoms of very many people, not alone connected with the army, but in the private walks of life, at the deference and obsequious attention paid to some few of the Yankee officers, they having been, as is alleged, quartered at one of our best hotels, while our brave men of similar rank have received the scant hospitality afforded by the dreary dungeon and its attendant chains and misery. To a Government resolved to stand on and maintain its dignity in all things, such a course of policy may well be doubted. We simply mention the matter as one that has produced a deep feeling of indignation and provoked comment of no very complimentary nature to the parties instrumental in producing the effects reported. The list of prisoners embraces the following names, viz: Brig-Gen. J F Reynolds, Capt. W C Kingsberry, A A G to Gen. Reynolds; Col. J H Simpson, 4th N J; Maj. P H Johns, 11th Penn; Capt. C J Whiting, 5th U S Cavalry; Lieut J P Crane, 22d Mass; Lieut-Col J B Sweetzer, 62d Penn; Capt Chas C Conans, 22d Mass; Capt B Ridgway, 4th N J; 1st Lieut T R Grupewane, 4th N J; 2d Lieut P L Hubbard, 1st Mich; 2d Lieut C C Van Sickel, 4th N J; Capt Sam Mulford, 4th N J; 2d Lieut Geo Bennett, 4th N J; Capt Thos M Fetter, 4th N J; 1st Lieut R S Johnston, 4th N J; Capt S B King, 7th Penn; Capt Wm Nippries, 4th N J; 1st Lieut Jas S Kennedy, 11th Penn; Capt H N Jewett, 4th N J; 1st Lieut John L Ridgway, 4th N J; 2d Lieut Josiah Shaw, 4th N J; Capt N B Avemson, 4th N J; 1st Lieut Wm Stitings, 4th N J; 1st Lieut Jno M Pearson, 4th N J; 2d Lieut F G Avemson, 4th N J; Capt Everard Bierer, 11th Penn; 1st Lieut Sam M Gaul, 4th N J; 1st Lieut Thos H Lockwood, 11th Penn; Capt Jno Reynolds, 4th N J; Capt Thos H Spires, 11th Penn; 1st Lieut Eli Wangaman, 11th Penn; 1st Lieut Chas Myers, 4th N J; 2d Lieut David Berry, 11th Penn; 1st Lieut C G Speer, 4th N J; Capt N Nisbett, 11th Penn; Capt Dan Kistler, 11th Penn; 2d Lieut L A Johnston, 11th Penn; Capt Wm Stewart, 11th Penn; 2d Lieut Jno Kuhn, 11th Penn; Capt E R Brady, 11th Penn; 1st Lieut J B George, 11th Penn; 2d Lieut Cyrus Butler, 11th Penn; 2d Lieut W F Jackson, 11th Penn; Capt Chas J Whiting, 5th U S Cavalry; Capt E M Anderson, 4th N J; Col J H Simpkins, Lieut-Col W B Hatch, and Adjt J S Studdiford, 4th N J; Col Thos F Gallagher, Lieut-Col L M Jackson, and Surgeon J S De Bonneville, 11th Penn; 1st Lieut Jno P Crane. 22d Mass; Assistant Surgeon J W S Norris, U S A; 1st Lieut W H Eldridge, 4th N J; Capt E G Lant, 7th Pa; Lt Col Geo Variny, 2d Me; Capt L Emmerson, 2d Me, Capt Jas P Duff, 7th Pa; J P Prince, Surgeon, 22d Mass; 1st Lt E M Cooly, 13th N Y; Lt Col S M Jackson, 11th Pa; Adj Robt A McCoy, 11th Pa; 1st Lt D R Coder, 2d Lt R M Burkeman, 11th Pa; 2d Lt F W Shroeder, 4th N J; 1st Lt E Wright, 4th N J; 2d Lt H H Callen, 2d N J; Maj E S Gilbert, 25th N; J; 1st Lt Thos Bishop, 25th N Y; Lt E Eichelberger, 8th Pa; Major Henry Chitz, 12th U S Infantry Regulars; Capt P W Stanhope, 12th U S Infantry; Col T B W Stockton, 16th Michigan; Capt H R Combe, 12th N Y; 1st Lt Chas Wilson, 3d N J; Lewis P Mudgett, 1st Lt and Adjt, 2d Me; 2d Lt Joel Parker, 1st N J; Capt A E Miles, 1st Pa; Lt T G McNaughton, 1st Pa; Lt B Lewis, 1st Pa; Lt Chas A Bayard, 5th Wisconsin; Lt J M Wells jr, belonging to Gen Porter's staff; Lt L B Woltz, 8th Pa; Lt R D Hall, 1st Pa Rifles; Ass't Surgeon L S Ludington, 1st Conn.

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