From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/4/1862, p. 2, c. 3

Railroad Accident. – As the large and powerful locomotive J. R. Anderson was ascending, on yesterday about 5 o’clock, the heavily graded track that connects the depots of the Petersburg and Fredericksburg roads, on Eighth street, two of the rear cars became detached just before reaching St. Peter’s Cathedral, and, as a matter of course, rolled backward at a fearful rate of speed. The concussion, when the descending cars struck against those in front of the drawbridge over the Canal, was terrific. Many of them were ladened with railroad material, such as car wheels, &c., and were well capable of withstanding any but the enormous pressure brought into requisition against them. The car next to the bridge was forced with great violence against the draw over the Canal, which was, with its supports, thrown down, the broken fragments nearly wrecking a boat loaded with stone, just then passing into the basin. The fronts of some five or six freight cars and flats were also broken, and rendered worthless until repaired. Iron bumpers were crushed, heavy bolts snapped, and massive wood beams crushed with apparently the greatest facility. Owing to the reprehensible habit of jumping on the cars while in motion, indulged in by some people here, two persons will probably lose their lives. A young man named Totty, whose parents are said to reside on Brook Avenue, and who belongs to Johnson’s artillery company, had ensconced himself in one of the cars for the sake of a ride, had both of his legs badly broken below the knees, and was borne into the framed tenement below the Spotswood House, where his wounds were dressed. He was conveyed home suffering terribly. A lad named Joseph Lowry, who had taken passage on the platform of the rear car, was thrown between two of them when the collision took place, and had both of his legs cut off below the knees. His skull was also fractured. Whatever kindness could suggest was done to alleviate his misery. After a time he was borne off on a litter in the direction of Byrd Island Hospital, but we learn he died before being carried more than a square.

We learn that another lad was perhaps fatally injured on the connection between the Fredericksburg and Central depots, on Broad street, by being run over yesterday evening. We did not hear the name of the injured party, but presume his mishap may be traced to his own imprudence.

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