Richmond Dispatch, 7/14/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/14/1862, p. 2, c. 1

To the Benevolent.

Upon a visit to the Kent Hospital yesterday we were deeply pained to learn from officers of the institution and ladies in attendance that, owing to some cause, (possibly a deficiency of adequate means for cooking,) the patients in at least one of the wards of the hospital, numbering over seventy, are greatly in need of meat, rice, and other stimulating food prescribed by the physicians. We trust that the benevolent of Richmond will only need this statement to send as soon as possible this morning a supply of cooked meats and vegetables to this hospital, and save from suffering and death those who may otherwise absolutely perish from the want of proper nourishment. We take the liberty to mention the name of a lady well known to our citizens, who never tires well doing, Miss Deborah Couch, who may be found at the hospital, and who will take pleasure, with the other ladies, and the distinguished surgeons and officers of the hospital, in giving prompt direction to the contributions that may be seat. Some other remarks which we desire to make upon the subject of the hospitals are necessarily deferred till to-morrow.


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