From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/1/1862, p. 1, c. 5

Searching for Liquor. - The detectives attached to the office of the Assistant Provost Marshal for the Eastern District, were engaged during all of Saturday in an earnest and determined hunt after sundry lots of contraband liquor that they had received information had been carted into "Dublin," a locality embracing the area of country on Cary, from 15th to 18th streets, and South of Main to the same extent, for sale to the soldiers. That prolific locality, Cary, between 17th and 18th, and adjacent precincts, were thoroughly searched, liquor and contraband articles repaying the officers' endeavor. A number of houses in the Valley were also visited with favorable results. The captures during the day summed up in part as follows: 5 barrels of whiskey, 23 muskets, (hid in lofts and out of the way places,) 30 blankets, 10 knapsacks, a number of swords, and a lot of valuable pistols. Some of the latter had belonged to the Yankees, and had come off the battle-field, but never before had been in hands likely to turn them over to the Government.




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