Richmond Dispatch, 9/30/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/30/1862, p. 2, c. 7



J. A. Emery, free, Salem. Mass.

E Boyen, free, Maryland.

E. B. Williams free Philadelphia, Pa.

Geo. Washington, free, Baltimore.

Daniel Carter, slave of T McCormick, Clarke co, Va.

Andrew Williams, free, New York.

Joe Brown, slave of Z. Alles, Miss.

Alfred Jounes, slave of Newton Ladd, Charles City co.

Isaac Webster, free, Washington, D. C.

Joe James, free, Henrico co. Va.

L. McCoy, free, New York city.

Ben Daugerfield, slave of James Riley, Jefferson co. Va.

J Johnson, slave of Wm. Crump, New Kent co.

Jas Kranty, slave of Wm. Kranty, Loudoun co.

Nathan, slave of Chas Berley, Loudoun co.

Jim Johnson, free, Connecticut.

Leans Johnson, woman, slave of Mrs M Howard, Fairfax co.

Wm Norris, slave of Robt Allison, Fairfax co.

Wm Hensby, free, Annapolis, Md.

Robert--, free, Maryland.


L Hawkins, slave of John Mitchell, Maryland

R. B. Wilson, free, Ohio.

Wm. Jos Burk, free, boy, New York.

Wm. H. Richards, free, Baltimore. Md.

Jno Cox, slave of Richard Lyons, King and Queen co.

Chas Montgomery, free, D. C.

Reed Harrison, free, Prince William co, Va.

Thos Jackson, free, New York State.

Carter Freeman, slave of John Wood, Fauquier co. Va.

Jas Barns, free, Pennsylvania.

Chas Boswell, slave of Wm. Davis, Prince William co. Va.

Richmond Roane, slave of Dr. Fontleroy, Hanover

Dan, slave of Samuel Humphreys, Stafford co, Va.

Alex Johnson, free, New York.

Mary Cook, slave of Mrs. Randolph, Fredericksburg.

John, slave of Capt Stevens, Fredericksburg.

Charley. --, free, Prince William co, Va.

Samuel Hill, free, Washington.

John Read, slave of Mrs. Stillston, Front Royal, Va.

Esau, slave of Wm. Bowen, Fauquier co, Va.

Ed Hamilton, slave of Dan'l Meltinger, Romney. Va.

Thos Gessus, free, White Hall, N. Y.

Geo Jordan, free, Philadelphia.

David Jones, free, New Jersey.

John Henry, free, Alexandria.

Jim Green, free, R. I.

John Clarke, free, Washington.

Thos Mitchell, free, Ohio.

Green Jones, free, Ohio.

George Cook, free, Prince, William.

William Lipscomb, slave of Mrs. S Gordon, New Kent.

Jerry Lomax, slave of Wm. Pratt, Virginia.

Horace, slave of Geo Taylor.

John Williams, free, Alexandria, Va.

Gibson Gracy and three children, slave of widow Goodwin, Fairfax co.

Chas Murphy.

Andrew Jackson, free, Pennsylvania.

Edmond, slave of John Sanderson, Norfolk co., Va.


Jess, slave of Maj Wm Allen, Jamestown Island.

Jim West, slave of Geo R. Cox, King William co.

Jackson, slave of Richard Balley, Sandy Point.

Nat, slave of Albert Hawkerds, York river.

Aug. D Pretley, free, Phila.

Joe Hall, slave of Dr. Chas Seldon, Richmond

Isaac Wood, slave of Chas Wood, no county.

King Abel, slave of Thos M Candish, Williamsburg.

Eliza Gaskins, free, and children, Prince William.

Louisa, free, and children, Prince William.

Wm. H. Gaskins, free, and children, Prince William.

Tom Dickerson, slave of Chas Dickerson, Greenbrier county, va.

Susan Gaskins, free, and D Gaskins, H Gaskins, and Catherine Gaskins, her children, Prince William.

Louisa Gibson, slave of Thomas Holmes, Prince William.

Jim Johnson, free, Connecticut.

Harrison Read, free, Prince William.

Joe Bush, free, New York.

Jas West, slave of Geo R Cocke, King and Queen.

Oliver Pleasants, free, Charles City county.

Chas Montgomery, free, Washington, D. C.

Wm H Richards, free, Baltimore, Md.

John Cox, slave of Richard Lyne, King and Queen.

Richard Hudgins, slave of Capt Jno Taylor Charlottesville.

Samuel Hill, free, Washington, D. C.

Thos Jackson, free, New York.

Joe Boykin, slave of Graham Pearce, New Kent co.

Jos Marzingo, free, Westmoreland co.

Dan'l Henderson, slave of Frank Ruffin, Richmond city.

Baldwin Lee, slave of Richard Baylor, Sandy Point.

David Young, slave of Richard Baylor, Sandy Point.

J Beeden, slave of M Stillats, Front Royal.

R Western, slave of Thos Evans, York co.

The history here given is obtained from the negroes themselves.


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