From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/12/1862

Arrival of Prisoners from Popeís Army. Ė The Central train that arrived at 4 oíclock yesterday morning brought to this city three hundred and three of Popeís Hessians, captured on Saturday, near Southwest Mountain, by the advance forces of Gen. Jacksonís army. Accompanying the above were Brig.-Gen. H. Prince, a Yankee General, and twenty seven commissioned officers, who, together with the men, were lodged in the Libby Prison. Prince, for a few hours, was lodged at the Exchange Hotel. The Presidentís recent proclamation declared Pope and his commissioned satellites to be without the usages of warfare, and not entitled to the privileges of ordinary prisoners of war. Orders were issued to place all of the captured officers in close confinement. At the Libby Prison they were put with the deserters and other persons to whom infamy attaches. An examination was made into the condition of the county jail, with a view to their incarceration there; but the structure was deemed unsafe. They have not been permitted to associate with the Federal officers, and appear very downcast at the prospect before them. Ė We append a list of the officers captured at Southwest Mountain, as follows:

Capt G B Halstead, Adjít General Augurís division
2d Lieut Vealor Moses, 109th Penn.
Col Geo D Chapman, 5th Conn.
1st Lieut S J Widvey, 3d Wisconsin.
Capt W D Watkins, Assít Adjít Geníl, Williamsís division.
Capt H S Russell, co H, 2d Mass.
Capt J H Vanderman, co K, 66th Ohio.
2d Lieut Wm Alister, co H, 28th N. Y.
2d Lieut J Long, co H, 28th N. Y.
1st Lieut J D Belloiexley, co D, 10th Me.
1st Lieut H N Greatrake, co B, 46th Penn.
1st Lieut M P Whitney, co B, 5th Conn.
Capt P Griffith, co A, 46th Penn.
2d Lieut Chas Sydnor, co D, 8th U. S. Infantry.
1st Lieut H C Egbert, co G, 12th U. S. Infantry.
2d Lieut J D Woods, co B, 28th N. Y.
1st Lieut A A Chinery, co E, 5th Conn.
1st Lieut T B Gorman, co H, 46th Penn.
2d Lieut A W Selfridge, co H, 46th Penn.
2d Lieut Otis Fisher, co B, 8th U. S. Infantry.
2d Lieut Wm N Green, co A, 102d N. Y.
2d Lieut H Walker, co I, 3d Md.
Capt E A Bowen, co D, 28th N. Y.
Maj E W Clarke, 28th N. Y.
1st Lieut Wm M Kenyon, co G, 28th N. Y.
2d Lieut J D Ames, co K, 28th N. Y.
2d Lieut Chas Doyle, co D, 5th Conn.


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