From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/3/1864


Army of Northern Virginia
Near Mechanicsville, June 2, 4 p. m. 1864

No general engagement yet and in my opinion none is likely to occur very soon. Yesterday there was sharp and irregular skirmishing at points all along the lines. About 3 o’clock Breckinridge outflanked the line of the enemy’s skirmishers with the aid of Perry’s Florida Brigade, capturing about 100 prisoners.

About nightfall the enemy charged Hoke’s lines near Gaines Mill, forcing back Clingman’s North Carolina Brigade and gaining possession for awhile of a good piece of our breastworks. Col. Colquitt’s Georgia Brigade however soon came to the rescue of Clingman and succeeded in repulsing the enemy and capturing some 50 prisoners. The force which Hoke thus engaged were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions of the VI Corps.

The enemy tried their old game, massing heavy columns and pushing them against a single point in our line, but as usual failed to accomplish more than a temporary success. Our loss is not believed to be over 200, though largely more than this number are missing, but numbers of the men are coming in almost every minute...

...This morning a reconnaissance in front of Mahone and Wilcox near Atlee’s revealed the fact that the enemy had left, moving towards our right...

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