Richmond Dispatch, 12/6/1901

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/6/1901

Was Formerly Commandant of Libby Prison Here.

SUFFOLK, VA., December 5. - (Special.) News was received here to-day that Mr. R. R. Turner, of Fergusonís Wharf, Isle of Wight county, dropped dead this morning while at the home of a friend.

Mr. Turner had been slightly indisposed for a week or ten days, but was able to be up and around, having attended the County Court on Monday.

He arose as usual this morning, and after having eaten his breakfast and engaged in family prayer he drove to the home of Mr. Norman Holloman, some miles distant, and about 8:30 oíclock his death occurred without a momentís warning.

Mr. Turner was one of the most prominent men of Isle of Wight county, and was held in the highest esteem as an upright, honorable gentleman. His brother, Mr. Samuel Turner, died yesterday, and Mr. R. R. Turner intended to go to the funeral tomorrow. His own funeral will take place on Saturday.

Deceased was a brother of Beverly Turner, who was killed by Gilligan, and an uncle of Miss Isabel Turner. The trial, which was one of the most sensational in the Virginia courts, was held here in the early summer of 1900, and resulted in Gilliganís being sentenced to the penitentiary for a term of years.

According to the Dispatchís information the deceased was the commandant of Libby Prison during the war.

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