Richmond Enquirer, 10/5/1861

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From the Richmond Enquirer, 10/5/1861, p. 3

ARRIVAL OF A BATTALION FROM TEXAS. - The early train from Lynchburg brought to this city yesterday forenoon, two full volunteer companies from Texas - the Texan Aids, Capt. Robinson, and the Polk county Yankee Hunters, Capt. J. N. Turner, comprising in all about 200 athletic, spirited looking men, the greater portion of whom are quite as familiar with the ready use of the deadly rifle, as a city young man is with his knife and fork. The battalion left Texas nearly a month ago, and had to march 180 miles before reaching a point where they could find the means of transportation by railroad. It completes the two regiments called for from the Lone Star State, the other companies having preceded them hither several weeks ago. The men were un-uniformed and unarmed, but will be supplied with both as soon as they have been properly organized.

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