From the Richmond Enquirer, 3/6/1862, p. 3, c. 4

SHOCKING OUTRAGE. – Early Tuesday morning the Sexton of the Holywood [Hollywood] Cemetery, discovered that a number of costly tombstones and monuments in that beautiful “city of the dead,” had been hurled down, and sacrilegiously destroyed, apparently in mere wantonness of malice. From the traces of footsteps found upon the railings of an iron fence, which the worse than vandals had climbed in order to topple over a fine shaft it enclosed – and from other indications, it is likely that the outrage was perpetrated by a party of five or six men, and that the objects of their grossly unfeeling and barbarous assaults were selected at random. Some six or seven tombstones and monuments, some of them of a very costly character, were destroyed in all. One or two of the number were merely thrown down and escaped serious injury, but in several instances the stones were broken even to their bottom pieces, and their ornaments and inscriptions defaced. Among those destroyed is a handsome tomb erected by Dr. Geo. W. Briggs to the memory of his wife, and a tomb upon a section owned by Messrs. J. & A. Bargamin. We sincerely trust the perpetrators of this unchristian outrage may be detected, and severely punished.


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