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Index of selected articles from the Richmond Enquirer during the Civil War.

Richmond Enquirer 1/1/1861; advertisement for a slave dealer underneath the St. Charles Hotel
Richmond Enquirer 1/4/1861; notice of improvements at Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Enquirer 1/8/1861; Governor Letcher extols the virtues of VMI and its utility to the State
Richmond Enquirer 1/19/1861; opening notice of the Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Enquirer 2/8/1861; detailed account of Governor Letcher's inspection visit to the Armory and Tredegar
Richmond Enquirer 3/23/1861; ad for commission merchants Bacon & Baskervill (future GH#7)
Richmond Enquirer 3/28/1861; ad for the summer schedule of classes at the Medical College - McCaw and Gibson are listed as professors; students will have access to patients at Bellevue Hospital and Alms House free of charge
Richmond Enquirer 4/15/1861; excellent description of the reaction in Richmond to the news of the fall of Ft. Sumter - description of parade to Tredegar Iron Works and Capitol Square - notes disappointed reaction to Letcher's remarks, and the raising and subsequent lowering of the Confederate flag on the Capitol roof
Richmond Enquirer 4/27/1861; list of troops at the new fair grounds (Camp Lee); Col. Gilham is in command, and VMI cadets present
Richmond Enquirer 4/27/1861; all VMI graduates and ex-cadets can find employment at the Camp of Instruction (Camp Lee)
Richmond Enquirer 4/27/1861; all volunteer companies will proceed at once to the Hermitage Fair Grounds (Camp Lee)
Richmond Enquirer 5/3/1861; list of southern cadets who have left West Point, as well as those who refused to take the oath and resigned. Pelham and T. P. Turner are amongst the number
Richmond Enquirer 5/3/1861; prospective VMI cadets can apply to the acting superintendent in Richmond - notes that the academic schedule has been suspended, and cadets thus admitted will be trained free of charge until the corps returns to Lexington
Richmond Enquirer 5/15/1861; destructive fire at 20th and Cary streets; Libby & Son building narrowly escapes
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1861; "Practical Hints for Volunteers - Military Surgery and Treatment of the Wounded"
Richmond Enquirer 5/31/1861; notes on the present state of affairs at VMI, and advertises for new cadets - gives a table of tuition and fees
Richmond Enquirer 6/13/1861; "The Encampments," mentions Howard's Grove and the troops stationed there.
Richmond Enquirer 6/15/1861; Prisoners captured at Big Bethel are quartered at the Customs House - Richmonders flock to see the captured Yankees
Richmond Enquirer 6/18/1861; Classified notice that Surgeon A. Y. P. Garnett (surgeon at Robertson Hosp.) has come to Richmond.
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1861; Notes that the St. Francis de Sales Hospital has been recently established, and is treating Confederate soldiers - laudatory of the Catholic Church
Richmond Enquirer 7/2/1861; Harwood's Factory has been fitted up for a prison.
Richmond Enquirer 7/2/1861; brief notice of a fire at the Virginia Penitentiary
Richmond Enquirer 7/3/1861; damage at the Penitentiary due to fire is estimated at $50,000
Richmond Enquirer 7/6/1861; description of the celebration of the 4th of July in Richmond - Tredegar Battalion parades on Capitol Square, along with the Thomas Artillery, Public Guard, and Washington Artillery
Richmond Enquirer 7/6/1861; Maryland volunteers receive a flag from President Davis at Camp Lee
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1861; Cannon made at Bellona Arsenal, and lying on the basin bank, have been spiked by some "Yankee spy"
Richmond Enquirer 7/16/1861; Soldier from camp at Howard's Grove drowned in the James.
Richmond Enquirer 7/29/1861; servants needed at the St. Charles Hotel, being used as a hospital, with 160 patients there now
Richmond Enquirer 7/29/1861; notice from Tredegar that all orders will be paid in cash
Richmond Enquirer 7/30/1861; List of wounded soldiers and where sent; mostly private houses - no organized hospitals yet.
Richmond Enquirer 7/30/1861; City Alms House Hospital (Gen. Hos. #1) described. Used as a prison at this time.
Richmond Enquirer 7/31/1961; List of sick and wounded men in Richmond can be found at the St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 8/2/1861; 200 white girls needed to work at the C. S. Laboratory making cartidges
Richmond Enquirer 8/5/1861; ladies of St. James Church have established a hospital at the corner of Main and 3rd (probably Robertson Hospital)
Richmond Enquirer 8/10/1861; Railroad up 8th street, connecting RF&P & Petersburg Railroad is nearly complete
Richmond Enquirer 8/13/1861; member of 2nd SC died at St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 8/16/1861; sick soldiers being brought to Gilliam's Factory (Gen. Hos. #3)
Richmond Enquirer 8/20/1861; Centenary Methodist Church Hospital established
Richmond Enquirer 8/24/1861; description of the "Springfield Hospital" and its operations (future GH#26)
Richmond Enquirer 8/28/1861; prisoner at Liggon's factory kills his guard and attempts to escape
Richmond Enquirer 8/31/1861; notice that Sycamore Church Hospital has been established
Richmond Enquirer 9/2/1862; Miss Clopton's school will re-open on the 1st of October
Richmond Enquirer 9/3/1861; a car is running on the new city railroad
Richmond Enquirer 9/4/1861; description of a hospital at the Clay Street Chapel, near Brooke Avenue
Richmond Enquirer 9/6/1861; Yankees attempt to escape from prison, shot by sentries on Libby Hill.
Richmond Enquirer 9/13/1861; American House Hospital closed
Richmond Enquirer 9/17/1861; "Hospitals in Richmond" list
Richmond Enquirer 9/17/1861; General Winder will move his headquarters to the corner of 9th and Broad streets
Richmond Enquirer 9/18/1861; addenda to the hospital list of the 17th - lists the Clay street Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/18/1861; notes on Yankee prisoners and the cost of keeping them in Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 9/21/1861; Yankee surgeons in Richmond to be paroled
Richmond Enquirer 9/19/1861; addenda to the hospital list of the 17th - adds Samaritan and Gamble's Hill Hospital, both under the auspices of the YMCA
Richmond Enquirer 9/19/1861; six Yankees have escaped from prison
Richmond Enquirer 9/21/1861; VMI Board of Visitors is still meeting trying to figure out how to re-organize - cadets are serving as drillmasters
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; Yankee prisoner in the "lower prison, near Rocketts" shot and killed for verbally abusing a sentinel. Sentinel praised for doing his duty. Prisoner buried at Shockoe Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; false alarm of fire near the General Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; Two escaped Union POWs recaptured and returned to Harwood's Prison
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; notes on Union surgeons released on parole
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; 13 Yankee prisoners from Cheat Mountain (including a member of McClellan's staff) brought to town
Richmond Enquirer 9/23/1861; 60 sick Georgians have arrived and are taken to the Georgia Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1861; Yankee prisoner shot by a sentinel; buried at Shockoe
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1861; Medical College notice for the next term, includes listing of professors (McCaw, Gibson, Peticolas, etc)
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1861; notice for the Richmond Female Institute (future GH#4) - says that it will go on as before, but soldiers' daughters will be given free tuition
Richmond Enquirer 9/25/1861; list of hospitals in Richmond with current capacities. Notes that POWs are at the General Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/26/1861; Yankee soldier dies at Prison Hospital No. 1, under the care of Dr. Higginbotham
Richmond Enquirer 9/27/1861; description of the Bethel Church Sunday school (20th and Cary streets)
Richmond Enquirer 9/27/1861; fire at the laboratory in Thomas' factory - workers flee, but fire is contained
Richmond Enquirer 9/27/1861; interesting Mayor's Court items: one of the combatants in the "Hill cats/Butcher cats" rock battle unable to prove his good character, and a slave assaults a "free negress," flees the court and leads officers on a foot race, before being sentenced to 39 lashes
Richmond Enquirer 9/28/1861; excellent and lengthy description of the Tredegar Iron Works - describes the manufacture of iron products and mentions the Tredegar Battalion
Richmond Enquirer 10/1/1861; excellent (and lengthy) description of the operations of the Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Enquirer 10/1/1861; 34 convalescent soldiers from St. Francis de Sales, Medical College, and Bellevue hospitals sent to Petersburg
Richmond Enquirer 10/2/1861; excellent description of the building of the facilities that will become Chimborazo Hospital - originally intended to be winter quarters
Richmond Enquirer 10/4/1861; Three Yankees escaped from prison (non-specific)
Richmond Enquirer 10/4/1861; Gen. Winder wants a company of 100 men, unfit for field service, to perform duty in the city of Richmond
Richmond Enquirer

10/5/1861; two Texas companies arrive in Richmond, the “Texan Aids” and the “Polk county Yankee Hunters.”

Richmond Enquirer 10/5/1861; statistics and praise of the “Confederate States Prison Hospital, at Rocketts.” Notes 41 deaths have occurred, and praises Dr. E. G. Higginbotham at length. 
Richmond Enquirer 10/5/1861; corrections to the statistics of the ladies’ hospitals in Richmond. Warwick House and Company G Hospital have not been keeping good books. Death rate is between 3.2 - 3.7%
Richmond Enquirer

10/5/1861; Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Gen. Johnston are not as bad off as was previously supposed after their accident.

Richmond Enquirer

10/5/1861; 100 white girls needed to work at the C. S. Laboratory, corner 7th and Arch

Richmond Enquirer 10/5/1861; Gen. Winder adv for 100 men to serve in a company “to perform duty in the city.”
Richmond Enquirer 10/11/1861; excellent description of the Richmond Arsenal and its operation.
Richmond Enquirer 10/12/1861; Greanor's factory (future GH#18) has become a hospital, and is at present the "best supplied"
Richmond Enquirer 10/12/1861; 100 white girls needed to work at the C. S. Laboratory making cartridges
Richmond Enquirer 10/16/1861; 36 prisoners transferred from the General Hospital to the Confederate States Hospital (probably Ross Factory)
Richmond Enquirer 10/17/1861; lengthy description of the Crenshaw Woolen Mills (located among the Tredegar works) - notes on Richmond's industrial capacity
Richmond Enquirer 10/21/1861; winter quarters in the vicinity of the reservoir are nearly completed (future Winder Hospital)
Richmond Enquirer 10/28/1861; a new hospital has opened at Stewart's School House, on Clay Street between 5th and 6th
Richmond Enquirer 10/30/1861; 150 sick soldiers transferred from "the Confederate quarters, on Chimborazo Heights" to Petersburg
Richmond Enquirer 10/31/1861; flint-lock muskets are being altered daily at the State Armory, at Stuart's Factory at 7th and Cary streets
Richmond Enquirer 11/8/1861; A guard at Louisiana Hospital accidentally shot a fellow guard
Richmond Enquirer 11/12/1861; 247 dead POWs interred in Shockoe Hill burial ground
Richmond Enquirer 11/12/1861; quarterly statistics of the Shockoe Cemetery - 99 POWs buried there
Richmond Enquirer 11/18/1861; great description of the prison system in Richmond with list of employees (included Wirz and Higginbotham). Notes that over 2000 POWs now in Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 11/21/1861; sentinel at unnamed prison charged and acquitted of shooting at the prisoners
Richmond Enquirer 11/21/1861; sentinel at "Confederate Prison No. 2" accidentally shot two prisoners, one mortally. Mentions that he was on a hill behind the prison when his musket accidentally discharged. Mayor finds that the incident was an accident
Richmond Enquirer 11/23/1861; a baker is wanted at the General Hospital (GH#1)
Richmond Enquirer 11/25/1861; More POWs arrive at Richmond.
Richmond Enquirer 11/25/1861; 3 POWs died in prison.
Richmond Enquirer 12/10/1861; list of clothing for Massachusetts prisoners
Richmond Enquirer 12/10/1861; "Negro Prisoners of War"
Richmond Enquirer 12/10/1861; List of deceased Prisoners of War
Richmond Enquirer 12/10/1861; 3 officers and one VMI cadet are ordered from the Camp of Instruction to duty in the prisons (includes T. P. Turner and Geo. Emack)
Richmond Enquirer 12/14/1861; new hospital opened at Mayo's factory, corner of 25th and Cary street
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1861; Capt. Ricketts and his wife are to be sent North - notes that while in Richmond they were visited by Pres. Davis and others
Richmond Enquirer 1/3/1862; 240 exchanged Yankee prisoners will soon be sent North
Richmond Enquirer 1/4/1862; "Humors of Prison Life;" details about the Richmond Prison Association and their song
Richmond Enquirer 1/6/1862; description of a visit to "Hospital No. 1" where wounded Yankees are being treated
Richmond Enquirer 1/14/1862; Yankee prisoners at Atkinson's factory have destroyed machinery and tobacco in their prison
Richmond Enquirer 1/20/1862; Lt. Hairston relieved of command of C. S. Military Prison by Capt. Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 1/20/1862; report of the death of ex-president John Tyler
Richmond Enquirer 1/21/1862; details for the funeral of ex-president John Tyler, to be held tomorrow
Richmond Enquirer 1/22/1862; description of the funeral of ex-president John Tyler and burial at Hollywood cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 1/28/1862; explosion at the Confederate Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 2/6/1862; Fire at Liggon's prison; no one injured
Richmond Enquirer 2/19/1862; 397 federal prisoners to be exchanged; list of officers exchanged and for whom
Richmond Enquirer 2/20/1862; description of the chain of command in the prison system, list of some of the higher ranking officers now in the "tobacco warehouses" in Richmond; 3,000 prisoners are being paroled.
Richmond Enquirer 2/22/1862; immigrant workers at C. S. Laboratory arrested for not taking the oath of allegiance - released after some confusion
Richmond Enquirer 3/4/1862; good description of Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 3/4/1862; John Minor Botts and Franklin Stearns arrested; Richmond under martial law
Richmond Enquirer 3/4/1862; John Scully & Pryce Lewis (Pinkerton spies) arrested and claim protection of British government.
Richmond Enquirer 3/4/1862; Union sympathizers sent to Castle Godwin; John Scully sent there also
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; monuments vandalized at Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; Charles Palmer and others arrested on charges of disloyalty and locked up in Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; Due to recent Unionist mischief, all Union prisoners (500 in number) are denied access to anyone or anything from the outside
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; 21 prisoners now at Castle Godwin; general discussion of suitable buildings for prisons
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; fire at Dr. Gibson's stables - ascribed to arson
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; locomotive explodes on the Orange and Alexandria railroad
Richmond Enquirer 3/7/1862; stragglers being arrested and put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 3/7/1862; Capt. A. C. Godwin resigns as Provost Marshal to concentrate on his duties as commandant of prisons.
Richmond Enquirer 3/7/1862; Charles Palmer released from custody for suspected unionist sympathies
Richmond Enquirer 3/7/1862; Two more unionists arrested and put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; son of Mr. Ligon is thrown from horse and breaks one of his legs
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; man pardoned from the Penitentiary after serving time for placing obstructions on the Central railroad
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; Court of Inquiry for Unionist John Minor Botts meets, and fails to release him from prison
Richmond Enquirer 4/19/1862; man drowns in the canal at the foot of twentieth street - taken to Dr. Higginbotham at the "Confederate prison in the vicinity", too late to save him
Richmond Enquirer 4/24/1862; Tredegar Battalion parades with the Armory Band in Capitol Square, and is inspected by the Governor
Richmond Enquirer 4/26/1862; Franklin Stearns, lately confined in Castle Godwin for alleged disloyalty, has been released, and returns to his "Tree Hill" farm
Richmond Enquirer 5/5/1862; reports on victims of an explosion at the C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 5/5/1862; 80 Nurses and Waiters needed at Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/7/1862; congregation of the Disciples church makes a donation to Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/7/1862; tobacco in the city seized and congregated by the Provost Marshal so that it can easily be burned "in an emergency"
Richmond Enquirer 5/8/1862; notes on the profits of the City Gas Works and the commendable character of the slave labor force there
Richmond Enquirer 5/9/1862; 319 prisoners arrive from Williamsburg - 300 more on the way. All were put in the Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 5/10/1862; notes on the Federal officers among the Williamsburg prisoners
Richmond Enquirer 5/12/1862; nearly 1200 prisoners are now in Richmond - 860 privates paroled and sent off, under charge of Major Warner and Lt. Turner
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; daughter of a worker at the Belle Isle works drowns - body recovered near the Danville Bridge
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; Catesby Jones and Robert Pegram arrive in town, along with the 450 crewmen of the C. S. S. Virginia
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; 913 Yankee POWs in the city
Richmond Enquirer 5/19/1862; servant of Dr. Higginbotham shot and killed by a sentinel at Libby Prison while sweeping out the hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/19/1862; Soldiers returning to duty will report to Camp Winder
Richmond Enquirer 5/21/1862; 12 or 13 Yankee POWs arrive via the Danville RR, and are quartered in Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 5/23/1862; coroner's inquest held at the Fourth Georgia Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; "Vandalism" at Hollywood cemetery - to wit: flowers picked from the grounds and trees disturbed
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; City Council meets to allow the Va. Central Railroad to erect a temporary track up Broad street to connect it with the Fredericksburg depot
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; Provost Marshal raids a "rum shop" and hauls off the offender to the civilian prison
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; body servant of G. W. Alexander died from an accidental gunshot wound
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; soldier escapes from the "Confederate Guard House, on Franklin street" and promptly recaptured - he broke his ankle in the escape
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; Winder Hospital needs empty vials to be sent there
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; YMCA appoints man to assist at Camp Winder
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; soldier shot in front of Seabrook's warehouse
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; Va. Central RR is building their temporary track up Broad street to connect with the RF&P
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; four or five balloons seen floating over the Yankee and Confederate lines
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; brief description of fighting at Hanover Court House. 56 prisoners brought to Richmond.
Richmond Enquirer 5/29/1862; man mugged at the United States Hotel - perpetrators hauled off to Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 5/31/1862; ladies of the various churches are requested to make bedding for the hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 5/31/1862; temporary track of the Va. Central RR has succeeded in removing their engines to the RF&P depot
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; people who have beef and hog bladders are requested to send them to the hospitals to use as ice bags
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; anyone with furniture wagons or buggies should bring them to the York River depot to transport the wounded
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; ladies who work at the Bird Island Hospital will please meet at the hospital today and bring men's underclothes with them
Richmond Enquirer 6/4/1862; gratuitous praise for ladies working in hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 6/5/1862; description of accidents involving freeloading boys on the new connecting railway between the Central road and the RF&P up Broad street.
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; casualty list from Seven Pines, listing the hospitals where wounded were taken.
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; two ladies released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; 20 nurses and 12 laundresses needed at Gen. Hos. #1
Richmond Enquirer 6/7/1862; accident at the Petersburg RR depot - man's leg maimed by incoming train. Taken to Bird Island Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; editorial urging appointment of someone to look after deceased soldiers' effects. Relates a grim incident at Chimborazo.
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; casualty list from Seven Pines, listing the hospitals where wounded were taken.
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; Office of Inspector of Hospitals has the location of sick soldiers
Richmond Enquirer 6/11/1862; Danville Railroad shops have been fitted up as a hospital, capacity of 500. Praises the site and accommodation
Richmond Enquirer 6/17/1862; Praise for Capt. G. W. Alexander, and notes his promotion to Assistant Adjutant General to Gen. Winder. Notes that he is one of the "handsomest men in the Confederate service."
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; man attempts to escape Castle Godwin by blacking his face to look like a negro - recaptured after a chase through Butchertown and "bucked."
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; drunk Alabama Sergeant attempts to cross the Petersburg RR bridge and is arrested - resists arrest, shot, and sent to Kent & Paine Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; soldier in ward no. 78, Division 4, Winder Hospital seeks his aunt, who is in town
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; Bailey's Factory Hospital requests ladies turn over their empty vials to them
Richmond Enquirer 6/20/1862; Seven Pines wounded cleared from hospitals; less than 900 under treatment; mortality small; half ready for service
Richmond Enquirer 6/21/1862; All out-patients at the Banner Hospital (GH#12) must report immediately, or be reported as deserters
Richmond Enquirer 6/24/1862; "shocking outrage" at Oakwood Cemetery - bodies are left out in the open due to lack of hands to bury them quickly
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; man makes a repeated escape from the C. S. Prison at the corner of 6th and Cary Streets (Castle Booker/Castle Lightning)
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; man shot and killed while attempting to escape from the C. S. Prison at the corner of 6th and Cary Streets (Castle Booker/Castle Lightning)
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; soldier attempts to kill himself and is taken to the St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 6/26/1862; new hospitals have been opened "in the lower part of the city" in anticipation of "the next fight." Hospitals previously established have been emptied. Masons offer their lodges as hospitals, but are turned down
Richmond Enquirer 6/26/1862; man makes a donation to Captain G. W. Alexander for the benefits of the patients in the "Alexander Hospital."
Richmond Enquirer 7/3/1862; wounded Confederates have temporarily been placed in the store of Angus & Byerly at the Old Market
Richmond Enquirer 7/4/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 7/4/1862; hospital opened at Crawford's Saloon
Richmond Enquirer 7/5/1862; list of officers captured during the Seven Days, and put in a prison on 18th street
Richmond Enquirer 7/5/1862; man drowns in the canal near Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Enquirer 7/7/1862; Tredegar Iron works described by Yankee reporter during the Seven Days
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; 21 casualties admitted to Naval Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; note on the capture of the C.S.S. Teaser, and prediction that northern types will exaggerate her size
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; humorous tombstone of a Yankee found on the battlefield
Richmond Enquirer 7/9/1862; Description of an accident on the connecting tracks of the Central RR up Broad street
Richmond Enquirer 7/9/1862; accident at Thomas' factory - wagoner blows his fingers off while off-loading muskets picked up on the battlefield.
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; ventilation of hospitals; Seabrook's (GH#9) praised
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; relates the poor condition of hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; Kent Hospital receives supplies from Ladies of Hampton
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; 5300 prisoners at Libby & Belle Isle
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; Richmond water is very bad - calls for citizens to bring well water to hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; call for attention to Chimborazo hospital - notes that it has many patients, but its remoteness causes it to be overlooked to those looking to help or contribute. Notes also the need to keep the buildings clean
Richmond Enquirer 7/12/1862; paragraph on the name "Cold Harbor" - states that it is properly called "Coal Harbor"
Richmond Enquirer 7/12/1862; description of the debate in City Council over Hollywood Cemetery's expansion and Oakwood's problem with lack of laborers
Richmond Enquirer 7/14/1862; notes that the prison on Franklin street is near a candle factory, and that both of these things are poorly placed within a residential neighborhood - argues that prisons should be in a less populated area
Richmond Enquirer 7/14/1862; number now registered at the Libby Prison exceeds 6000
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; good description of the prison on Belle Isle - notes that the prisoners are "seeing a good time" and spend their hours in leisure and play
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; many letters have been received complaining of conditions in the hospitals - call for reform
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; testimony from local resident regarding the origin, and correct wording, of the term "Cold Harbor"
Richmond Enquirer 7/16/1862; call for improvements in memorialization at Oakwood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 7/16/1862; inside of Capitol building in festooned with captured United States flags
Richmond Enquirer 7/19/1862; 8000 (probably 9000) prisoners are in Richmond - 3000 at Libby, 5000 at Belle Isle
Richmond Enquirer 7/19/1862; mortality among wounded prisoners is very great - 20 died at the York River RR depot
Richmond Enquirer 7/19/1862; free negro steals sheets and pillowslips from Winder Hospital, and gets fifteen lashes
Richmond Enquirer 7/21/1862; slave steals a pocket-book at the Baptist Female Institute and sent to prison
Richmond Enquirer 7/29/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 8/1/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 8/1/1862; Castle Godwin is full
Richmond Enquirer 8/1/1862; list of donations received at Samaritan Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 8/2/1862; the hospitals on Main street are now mostly closed, with the patients sent elsewhere
Richmond Enquirer 8/2/1862; tar burning is now used to disinfect the hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 8/2/1862; blacksmiths and strikers needed at the Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Enquirer 8/4/1862; officer escapes from the Officer's Prison on 18th Street - details on the layout of the prison
Richmond Enquirer 8/4/1862; canal basin was drained to prevent stagnation of water - many animal corpses found at the bottom
Richmond Enquirer 8/5/1862; Yankee officers moved from the prison on 18th street to the Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 8/5/1862; federal officer who escaped from prison recaptured, lists those arrested for abetting the escape
Richmond Enquirer 8/6/1862; fatal accident at the C. S. Laboratory on Belle Isle - explosion of fulminating powder
Richmond Enquirer 8/6/1862; Great description of the Military District of Richmond - gives details on Winder's office, Castle Godwin, Castle "Grizzly" (Griswold) at the corner of 6th and Cary street
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; correction regarding the city of origin of the man recently killed at the C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; list of deserters in Castle Griswold, corner of Cary & 6th
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; escaped federal officers have been recaptured and put in Greanor prison
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; prisons will soon be empty due to exchanges
Richmond Enquirer 8/11/1862; excellent description of the Howard Hospital (GH#22)
Richmond Enquirer 8/11/1862; man and woman charged with stealing $400 worth of supplies from Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 8/12/1862; Castle Thunder to be HQ of provost-marshal; Castle Godwin to fade "into oblivion"
Richmond Enquirer 8/12/1862; General Prince and other prisoners from South Mountain, arrive at Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 8/15/1862; filthy condition of St. Charles Hospital (GH#8)
Richmond Enquirer 8/18/1862; Prisoners to be moved from Castle Godwin to Greanor's Tobacco Factory
Richmond Enquirer 8/21/1862; movement of prisoners from Castle Godwin to Castle Thunder. Lengthy description of Castle Thunder.
Richmond Enquirer 8/22/1862; 3000 prisoners on Belle Isle
Richmond Enquirer 8/22/1862; 15 unionists put in Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 8/25/1862; Louisiana Zouave, evading police, jumps out of a window of the Columbian hotel, fractures his skull, taken to Baskerville Hospital, and later dies
Richmond Enquirer 8/25/1862; slave given fifteen lashes for stealing surgical instruments from Dr. C. B. Gibson
Richmond Enquirer 8/27/1862; great description of the Engineer Bureau Hospital on the corner of 18th and Cary street (used for laborers on the fortifications)
Richmond Enquirer 9/5/1862; Castle Thunder items
Richmond Enquirer 9/8/1862; hilarious account of a man who believes he is the devil and a negro who exploited him
Richmond Enquirer 9/9/1862; Old Dominion Iron Works appeals for raw materials
Richmond Enquirer 9/9/1862; 114 deserters confined in Castle Lightning
Richmond Enquirer 9/10/1862; slave of James H. Grant breaks into the house of William Greanor
Richmond Enquirer 9/12/1862; a "considerable traffic" is going on with federal prisoners for United States currency
Richmond Enquirer 9/17/1862; blacksmiths and strikers needed at the Confederate Armory, foot of 5th street
Richmond Enquirer 9/22/1862; three deserters, confined at Castle Thunder, to be shot at Camp Lee
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1862; remains of General Starke, killed at Sharpsburg, arrives at the Central depot, and escorted to the Capitol where they were laid in state
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1862; dairy for the use of the Richmond hospitals is proposed - carload of cows to arrive on the Central road
Richmond Enquirer 9/25/1862; young man rips off patients at General Hospital #7
Richmond Enquirer 9/26/1862; Editorial paragraph praising the Hospital Bill. Notes the surgeons are not to blame, but rather the poor system.
Richmond Enquirer 9/26/1862; excellent description of the Senate debate on the hospital bill. Praises Clopton, St. Francis de Sales, Louisiana Hospital, and Winder Hospital. Gives some statistics not available elsewhere. Generally praises hospitals run by women
Richmond Enquirer 9/29/1862; man charged with operating a "disorderly house" near Dr. Higginbotham's Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/29/1862; dead infant found in the canal between Haxall's Mill and the Danville Depot
Richmond Enquirer 9/30/1862; tabular report of sick & wounded soldiers in the Hospitals in Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 9/30/1862; Report of the Select Committee on Hospitals; reports on hospitals in Richmond and elsewhere and what to do about them - recommends reforms such as matrons, purchasing agents, and effective hospital funds. Mentions many current matrons, including S. L. Tompkins, Mrs. Clopton, Mrs. Hopkins, several heretofore unknown matrons at Winder Hospital, and many others. Gives statistics of Winder and Chimborazo Hospitals. Excellent article.
Richmond Enquirer 10/2/1862; catalog for the Richmond Female Institute - will resume operations after "the temporary occupation of the institute building by the Government"
Richmond Enquirer 10/2/1862; one deserter, confined at Castle Thunder, pardoned from death sentence. His two rap buddies will be hung soon at Camp Lee
Richmond Enquirer 10/10/1862; sick and wounded arriving in Richmond report to Receiving Hospital (GH#9)
Richmond Enquirer 10/11/1862; Kent & Paine Co. will resume operations in its warehouse, which the government has given up as a hospital. It will be thoroughly cleaned before business resumes
Richmond Enquirer 10/16/1862; rosy and verbose description of a visit to the soldier's section of Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 10/16/1862; Mrs. A. F. Hopkins acknowledges contributions to Alabama soldiers
Richmond Enquirer 10/17/1862; sunset from Church Hill rivals those in other parts of the world
Richmond Enquirer 10/20/1862; soldier dies after a fall off the porch of the Franklin street guard house
Richmond Enquirer 10/21/1862; member of the 1st VA Inf. escapes from Castle Thunder.
Richmond Enquirer 10/21/1862; man garroted near the Central depot and robbed of his possessions - mention steps leading down into the valley from Broad street
Richmond Enquirer 10/22/1862; information wanted on a Phillips' Legion soldier who left General Hospital #18
Richmond Enquirer 10/23/1862; slave ordered whipped for stealing a bag of flour from Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 10/23/1862; Capt. G. W. Alexander has been ordered to take charge of the Yankee prisoners in the city
Richmond Enquirer 10/23/1862; 64 deserters arrived at Castle Thunder yesterday
Richmond Enquirer 10/25/1862; accident at the Armory - man working on a loaded musket accidentally discharges it and wounds the man next to him
Richmond Enquirer 10/27/1862; description of a "novel" surgical operation at the 3rd Alabama Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 10/28/1862; Mayor refuses to rule on a thief from Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 10/28/1862; notes that the neighborhood of Castle Thunder is a very rowdy one, and that the vagabonds in Richmond could make  a "good-sized regiment"
Richmond Enquirer 10/28/1862; obituary notice for Anne Carter Lee, R. E. Lee's daughter
Richmond Enquirer 10/29/1862; slave ordered twenty-five lashes for stealing beef from Grant Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 10/30/1862; City Battalion and Armory Band parade -discipline of the City Battalion praised
Richmond Enquirer 11/5/1862; soldier tries to escape from Castle Lightning, and seriously injures himself in the process
Richmond Enquirer 11/7/1862; negroes arrested in front of GH#18
Richmond Enquirer 11/7/1862; two federal deserters and one prisoner lodged in Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 11/8/1862; slave of J. R. Anderson convicted for stealing lumber from the Basin bank - gets fifteen lashes
Richmond Enquirer 11/17/1862; Federal deserters put in Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 11/19/1862; detailed account of bribery and attempted escape at Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 11/26/1862; excellent description of the Confederate stables, located on Capitol and 10th streets
Richmond Enquirer 11/27/1862; description of the punishment of "bucking" at Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 12/2/1862; Col. Gilham has produced a new ink, which is sold by West & Johnson's
Richmond Enquirer 12/10/1862; Castle Thunder will be a general depot for all deserters and State prisoners in the Confederacy
Richmond Enquirer 12/11/1862; slave employed at Chimborazo, found drunk in the city, runs from the police, and ordered 25 lashes
Richmond Enquirer 12/11/1862; Scully and Lewis, confined at Castle Thunder as spies, are to be released and sent North
Richmond Enquirer 12/13/1862; sentinel at Camp Lee freezes to death; chaplain seeks blankets for the men
Richmond Enquirer 12/13/1862; escape attempt from Castle Thunder - perpetrators were in "Cell No. 1, first floor, north side."
Richmond Enquirer 12/13/1862; Joseph R. Anderson buys a farm in Goochland County for $112,000
Richmond Enquirer 12/15/1862; Surgeon Coffin, at the Receiving Hospital, advertises to find the name of a man who arrived at the hospital deceased
Richmond Enquirer 12/16/1862; wounded from Fredericksburg arrive at Genl Hosp. #9
Richmond Enquirer 12/16/1862; Martha Ball, nurse at GH#1, convicted of being a "woman of the town"
Richmond Enquirer 12/16/1862; more disloyalists confined in Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 12/16/1862; Col. Norris Montgomery has resigned his commission in the Deas Artillery
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1862; details on four new arrivals at Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1862; man who had escaped from Castle Thunder twice before is recaptured in Rocketts
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1862; George W. Hitchcock, Assistant quartermaster at "Libby and other prisons" dies of small pox at Howard's Grove. A North Carolinian also died at Castle Thunder of pneumonia
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1862; up to yesterday, 299 prisoners had arrived from the Rappahannock. Yesterday, 460 more arrive
Richmond Enquirer 12/19/1862; list of captured Yankee officers from Fredericksburg put in Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 12/19/1862; drunken woman drowns her child near Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 12/20/1862; man dies in Castle Thunder of "camp disease"
Richmond Enquirer 12/24/1862; G. W. Alexander returns to his post at Castle Thunder after some time at Fredericksburg with the Letcher Artillery
Richmond Enquirer 12/24/1862; 180 prisoners brought to Libby - they were the guard of a wagon train captured by Hampton near Dumfries
Richmond Enquirer 12/29/1862; a plot by 150 prisoners in Castle Thunder to assassinate the guard and escape is thwarted, and the ring-leader is placed in irons and fed bread and water
Richmond Enquirer 12/30/1862; Bellevue Hospital to be re-converted to a female seminary
Richmond Enquirer 12/31/1862; excellent account of the Christmas dinner at Div. 1, Winder Hospital sponsored by the matron, Mrs. Mason. Also notes the kind treatment of patients by the matrons at the Banner Hospital. Praises the hospital bill and its provisions for matrons
Richmond Enquirer 12/31/1862; of the 200 wounded prisoners in the Libby hospital, only 25 have died
Richmond Enquirer 12/31/1862; all but the ringleaders of the Castle Thunder "mutiny" have been released and sent back to camp
Richmond Enquirer 1/6/1863; Excellent description of C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 1/6/1863; 100 military prisoners from Castle Lightning returned to their regiments
Richmond Enquirer 1/6/1863; 30 more prisoners arrive at Libby
Richmond Enquirer 1/13/1863; Negro smallpox hospital at Howard's Grove; hospital near Shockoe Burying Ground (City Hospital) reserved for whites
Richmond Enquirer 1/13/1863; new rates at Medical College Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 3/14/1863; Explosion at C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 5/7/1863; 1,000+ wounded men brought to Richmond; the severely wounded are taken to General Hospital #1
Richmond Enquirer 5/12/1863; detailed description of the arrival of Gen. Stonewall Jackson's remains and the subsequent procession to Capitol Square
Richmond Enquirer 5/14/1863; description of the removal of Jackson's remains to the Central RR depot
Richmond Enquirer 6/12/1863; 600 prisoners at Castle Thunder; prison has been improved lately.
Richmond Enquirer 6/26/1863; Notice announcing the formation of a Library Association for 1st Division, Winder Hospital, and request for books.
Richmond Enquirer 8/14/1863; "Libby Prison Items," says 4,868 prisoners(!!) registered at Libby; Federal officer dies in the hospital and buried at Oakwood
Richmond Enquirer 8/14/1863; details on a creative escape attempt from Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 10/9/1863; 3 guards at Libby Prison put in Castle Thunder for trading with the prisoners
Richmond Enquirer 10/17/1863; Yankee surgeons at Libby to be exchanged
Richmond Enquirer 10/19/1863; report of the Florida Hospital (GH#11) - notes that of 1,076 patients treated, only 53 have died
Richmond Enquirer 10/20/1863; Religious services at Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 10/21/1863; Masonic Lodge has been built at Drewry's Bluff
Richmond Enquirer 2/2/1864; poor conditions at Libby Prison described
Richmond Enquirer 2/12/1864; Description of the Libby prison breakout and list of escapees re-captured
Richmond Enquirer 2/13/1864; Recapturing Libby escapees, and list of re-captured prisoners
Richmond Enquirer 2/16/1864; Two more Libby escapees re-captured
Richmond Enquirer 2/19/1864; "The Feeding of the Prisoners" testimony from the butcher who supplied Chimborazo Hospital and Gen. Winder (for prisoners) with meat - shoots down the idea that the prisoners are inadequately supplied, while noting that they may not have gotten the best beef
Richmond Enquirer 2/23/1864; captured letter from prisoner at Libby Prison Hospital (good conditions and treatment)
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1864; describes Richmond during the Battle of Drewry's Bluff - notes on the admission procedures for the wounded and gives numbers admitted; notes on the hospitals for various states
Richmond Enquirer 5/20/1864; Seabrook's (GH#9) is in bad condition
Richmond Enquirer 5/23/1864; Castle Thunder admittances; several Libby guards confined
Richmond Enquirer 5/24/1864; several new hospitals for prisoners opened, 800 patients in them now and increasing
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1864; Stuart Hospital opened
Richmond Enquirer 6/7/1864; Dog-catchers round up hundreds of stray dogs; mentions Capt. Alexander's dog, and Howard's Grove.
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1864; Dr. Mary Walker, prisoner in Castle Thunder, wants to go home
Richmond Enquirer 6/11, 13/1864; Oakwood cemetery is described very negatively
Richmond Enquirer 6/13/1864; ex-prisoner at Castle Thunder, member of the Arsenal Battalion, deserts to enemy near Bottom's Bridge
Richmond Enquirer 6/16/1864; Good description of Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 11/15/1864; great description of the operation of the Ordnance Department - mentions the Arsenal at length
Richmond Enquirer 3/23/1865; description of the Winder-Jackson Battalion's parade at Capitol square; call for Richmond ladies to produce a flag for this unit
Richmond Enquirer 3/23/1865; details on recruitment of black troops and call for volunteers; rendezvous for negro troops is at Smith's factory, 21st street. T. P. Turner (Libby Prison) is one of the officers

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