From the Richmond Examiner, 7/26/62

THE BURIAL OF DECEASED SOLDIERS. – The manner in which the interment of deceased soldiers is carried on in this vicinity is a disgrace, not only to those concerned, but those having authority in such matters. We have it on the authority of a gentleman, an officer of the army, who has visited Oakwood Cemetery, that the coffins are often piled, in two and three deep, in one excavation and thus covered up, of course rendering it out of the question for an enquiring relative to recognize and reclaim a corpse.

Recently the gentleman above referred to passed the cemetery, and seeing the brutal work going on, asked, “Is that the way Virginia disposes of the soldiers of the Confederacy? Has she not got soil enough to furnish them each with separate, distinct burials?” The man in charge replied: “Is it any of your business? You attend to your own business, and I will attend to mine.”

Surely, the man who dies in defence of his country is entitled to an honoured grave beneath its soil. If the authorities won’t look to the matter the personal friends of the deceased should.

We understand that the burial of deceased soldiers is in the hands of a parcel of German undertakers, instead of being vouchsafed to the respectable undertakers of the city, who, from a regard for the cause, would discharge the duty at least with decency and humanity.