RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 408, p. 34

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From the National Archives, RG 109, Ch. VI, Vol. 408 (Letters, Orders, and Circulars Issued and Received, Chimborazo Hospital No. 2. 1861-65), p. 34

Chimborazo Hosp No. 2
June 4th 64

If Mrs. Pember will state to me in writing the plan proposed to me it will give me much pleasure to take it into consideration and submit it to Dr. McCaw for his approval. It must be evident however to Mrs. Pember that such a ward as she thinks of establishing will soon be looked upon as a favourite ward and will consequently create discontent Soldiers from other states. I am anxious to make all the soldiers as comfortable as possible, but cannot consent to the Matron of this Hospital paying particular attention to the comfort of any special class of soldier or care upon any special ward.

Very Respy &c.
  S. E. Habersham
    Surg. In chge.