From the National Tribune, 9/6/1906

Some Questions to Answer.

Thos. Sharp, Co. F, 2d W. Va., Branchland, W. Va., a survivor of Belle Isle, Andersonville, and Pemberton Prisons and of the Sultana disaster, sends the following questions which he would like the ex-prisoners of war to answer:  1. Who of the 500 sent from Pemberton Prison to Belle Isle on New Year’s eve, 1863, are living to-day?  2. Who can give all or any of the nine men who froze to death that night?  3. Who killed Lieut. Bossieux’s dog?  4. Who remembers the market at Belle Isle and the cry, “One quart corn stew, smoking hot, right off the fire, five cents white money, $5 in Confederate!” “One quart Rio coffee, smoking hot, five cents in white money, $5 in Confederate?”  6. Who was it that cut the car loose from the trainload of ex-prisoners on their way to Andersonville from Richmond on the night of March 9, 1864, and what became of the party? Comrade Sharp would like to hear from any of the survivors of those days of torture.

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