National Tribune, 3/28/1907

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From the National Tribune, 3/28/1907

Chaplain McCabe

C. G. Stevens, Lieutenant 154th N. Y., Albion, N. Y., was in Libby with Bishop (then Chaplain) McCabe. The Chaplainís quarters were in the upper west room, while his were in the upper east room, and all the rooms were open to each other. He distinctly remembers going to the hospital in Libby to see some comrade and finding the Chaplain there sick. When in health the Chaplain would come into Comrade Stevensís room almost every evening, and start the singing of hymns or patriotic songs, concluding the service with earnest prayer. The good he did can never be forgotten. The cheer and encouragement he gave the boys cannot be overestimates. Comrade Stevens has heard at least three times the Chaplainís lecture on ďThe Bright Side of Life in Libby Prison,Ē and it is always fresh and always full of interest to him.

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