From the Richmond Sentinel, 4/12/1864, p. 2, c. 5

Freshet. – The river at 10 o’clock yesterday, was higher by several inches than during the flood of 1847, when the water attained a greater height than at any period within the memory of man. All the islands in the river, except Belle Isle, much of the low-grounds of the Fall’s plantation, the vallies of Shockoe and Gillie’s Creeks were entirely submerged, and great numbers of families were forced to move from their houses during Sunday night to escape being drowned. The damage to property in certain localities in the city will be very considerable. After ten o’clock the waters began to recede, but very slowly. Messrs. Jones & Brown, on 15th street, had about 100 sacks of salt seriously damaged, which were stored in their cellar.


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