From the Richmond Sentinel, 8/31/1864, p. 1

Interesting Habeas Corpus Case. - Dr. A. E. Peticolas, committed by the County Court for contempt in refusing to testify in relation to the recent duel, on the ground that his testimony might criminate himself, was yesterday, at 12 o’clock, brought before Judge Meredith on a habeas corpus. Mr. Aylett, his counsel, delivered an argument, taking the ground that the law of 1860, which compels seconds to duels, attending surgeons, &c., to testify, even though in so doing they they [sic] criminate themselves, is unconstitutional. It seems to be the opinion of the bar generally that the judge will sustain the argument of the petitioner and discharge him from custody. This is the first time a case has ever occurred under the duelling act of 1860. After argument by Mr. Aylett, which occupied three hours, the court adjourned till this morning.


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