From the Confederate States of America, Department of Henrico Collection; Virginia Historical Society Mss3C7604a. Reel 2, Frame 00288

Genl Hospital No. 13
Nov. 29th 1863

Major I. H. Carrington


In reply to your communication in reference to the present condition of the persons named below, I would respectfully report after careful examination -

(1) In Hospital John M. Murray (spelt Maury in comn) is suffering with Diarrhoea & debility & that he will in my opinion be fit for a duty return to Prison within 15 days.

(2) Can now be sent to Salisbury N.C.

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(4) In Hospital Percy Sennott is suffering with chronic Asthma & Bronchitis - has had under my care two severe attacks - one of Pneumonia - & the other of acute vesicular Bronchitis - has a large ??? Hernia & Hemmorhoids badly. He is in my opinion permanently disabled & incapable of injury to our cause & humanity demand his release as [page break] he is a great sufferer, & confinement very prejudicial.

(5) Sent to Salisbury N. C.

(6) Sent to Salisbury N. C.

(7) In Hospital Newton I. Squires is suffering from the effects of Typhoid Fever & will not be well enough to return to Prison, in my opinion, within 20 days.

(8) Can be transported to Salisbury N. C. without risk

(9) In Hospital James T. Alley (spelt Allen in comn) is suffering with Typhoid Pneumonia - & if he recovers will not be able to return to Prison within 60 days.

Very Respectfully,

Yr. Obt. Servt
H. J. Barton
Surgeon in Chge