Richmond Whig, 7/29/1864

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From the Richmond Whig, 7/29/1864, p. 2, c. 5

DETECTIVES DETECTING DETECTIVES. - The detectives are so numerous in Richmond and there is so little for them to do that they have, for lack of other employment, fallen to detecting one another, a proceeding in which they should by all means be encouraged. When a certain kind of people fall out, a certain other kind of people come into their own. They are mining and countermining one another like Gens. Lee and Grant; or more aptly, they are tearing one another like dogs crowded into a dog-catcher's care. Rich developments may be expected.

Detective Boyd has been thrown into Castle Thunder, it is said, for offering detective Craddock $1,500, not to mention the fact that he, Craddock, had seen Mr. ______, a prominent officer of the Treasury, go into a faro bank. This would make a readable case, if they would let the reporters get at it, but this the authorities, for the credit of the Government, will not do.

There are several other cases in progress which have not come to sufficient maturity to be mentioned.


["prominent officer of the Treasury" is probably R. C. Elmore - MDG]

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