From the Richmond Whig, 9/24/1864, p. 1, c. 5

MAN SHOT. - Last night, Captain Joe Gentry, officer of the day, of the detail on guard at the several railroad depots in this city, being in the neighborhood of the Central Depot, heard a pistol fired on 17th street. Going in the direction of the report, he found a man lying in the street with a fresh bullet wound in the abdomen, near the navel. No other person was to be seen in the neighborhood. The wounded man was too drunk to give any account of the shooting, but gave his name as John Dolan, and said he belonged to the 25th Va. (City) Battalion. He was carried to Seabrook's Hospital, where his wound received surgical attention. The surgeons pronounced the wound as probably mortal. At daylight this morning Dolan was still alive, but was apparently sinking.

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