From the Richmond Whig, 4/2/1864

STOLEN QUININE. – Jess M. Rogers and Johns Keller, two member of No. 9 Battery, were before the Mayor yesterday for having in their possession a bottle containing two or three ounces of quinine, which was supposed to have been stolen. The watchmen hearing on Thursday night that two men were trying to sell some quinine on 14th street, under suspicious circumstances, went in search of them, but did not find them until about one o’clock, when they descried two men answering their description, loitering near the corner of the Spotswood hotel, when one of the watchmen went up to them and without any preliminary remark asked where that bottle of quinine was. Rogers immediately produced the bottle, and said that hi companion, Keller, had given it to him; which Keller denied positively. The watchmen arrested both parties.

Rogers told the Mayor he had found the quinine and one hundred dollars in money wrapped up together in a bundle and lying in the street. The Mayor committed the accused until this morning.

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