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Information about Winder Hospital in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

This vast hospital complex was constructed shortly after the outbreak of the War at what was then called "western terminus of Cary Street." It was on land now east of the present municipal-owned William Byrd Park (which was then the training grounds known as Camp Jackson) with an annex in the park area to the south of the present Fountain lake and to the east of the Reservoir. The hospital's boundaries would be the present City streets of Winder, Amelia, and Hampton Streets, and Allen Avenue. To the north of Winder Hospital was Jackson Hospital with which it shared some of its activities. "The largest hospital in the Confederacy," Richmond Whig 15 June 1864. Opened with a capacity in excess of 3000, it quickly expanded to 4300. Originally divided into five divisions, a sixth was added plus a tent division for an additional 700 patients. It had numerous natural springs, deep wells, large library, central register of patients, information house, cook-houses, bakeries, food-processing facilities, employees barracks, treatment and surgical buildings, warehouses, 125 acres of farmland used for growing supplies, recreational facilities, bathhouses, etc., provided regular transportation service to downtown, operated own river and canal boats. It had 98 buildings. Named for General John Henry Winder who was appointed 21 June 1861 as Provost Marshal and commander of prisons in Richmond. Dr. Alexander G. Lane, surgeon-in-charge. A fire 21 January 1864 destroyed 2nd Division with a loss of $50,000 but with no injuries or death. The hospital maintained its own well-equipped fire brigade. A volunteer force made up of attendants and patients under Lt. Col. A. S. Cunningham served actively a the Battle of North Anna. Later a battalion was formed with Jackson Hospital under the Command of Dr. Major Chambliss that saw active duty in the battles of 1865. Formed February 1865 a company of Negro soldiers under Captain Grimes, which saw active service with those from Jackson. Used with Camp Jackson by Federal occupation forces as hospital and encampment area. Called Camp Grant. Western annex was headquarters and encampment for XXIVth Army Corps. Numerous of the former ward buildings still standing in the area and have been converted into homes, particularly on Powhatan Street.

(from Confederate Military Hospitals in Richmond by Robert W. Waitt, Jr., Official Publication #22 Richmond Civil War Centennial committee, Richmond, Virginia 1964.)

RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 151, p. 37 9/1862 - 9/1864; Statistics of Winder Hospital


Detail of 1867 Corps of Engineers Map showing the Winder-Jackson Hospital area.
Post-war photograph of one of the Winder Hospital wards, then used as a residence.

Written Accounts

Joseph F. Powell file, M346 1861 (ca. October); $74,636 paid for work at the "Reservoir:" Summary of extremely important itemized invoice for construction of buildings that will become Winder Hospital.
Richmond Enquirer 10/21/1861; winter quarters in the vicinity of the reservoir are nearly completed (future Winder Hospital)
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1861; Camp Dimmock is “beyond the reservoir”
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1861; Camp Dimmock beyond Old Fair Grounds, near trotting track
Richmond Dispatch 11/23/1861; Summary of artillery review at Camp Dimmock
Richmond Dispatch 2/15/1862; Capt. Jas. C. Johnson, 1 Va Arty at Camp Winder, wants 10 men for local battery defense.
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; Cyrus Bossieux’s Artillery, at Camp Winder, needs 25 more men
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; 14th Alabama is camped at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 3/31/1862; recruits, convalescents, et al, to report to Camp Winder ASAP
Richmond Dispatch 4/10/1862; religious revival at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 4/18/1862; A. G. Lane wants to hire 35 to 40 male negroes or boys to nurse at Winder Hospital
Joseph F. Powell file, M346 4/20/1862; $265.35 paid for work done at Winder Hospital.
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Richard Reins adv - needs 40 laborers at Camp Winder to grade & drain the place.
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; 100 free negroes needed as nurses at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch

5/2/1862; Samuel Hardgrove adv for his runaway slave, who worked at Chimborazo and has been seen around Winder Hospital, trying to hire himself out.

Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; YMCA asks for donation to sick at Camp Winder Hosp., via United Presbyterian Church
Richmond Enquirer 5/5/1862; 80 Nurses and Waiters needed at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; supplies needed at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; JM Holloway, surgeon at Winder, asks ladies to donate old vials
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; A. G. Lane, post surgeon at Winder Hospital, asking Richmond ladies for help
Richmond Dispatch

5/6/1862; Lane, Winder Hospital, wants to hire 6-8 cooks & 20 laundresses

Richmond Enquirer 5/7/1862; congregation of the Disciples church makes a donation to Winder Hospital
Richmond Daily Whig 5/7/1862; Winder Hospital described
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1862; another paragraph urging donations to Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/9/1862; Camp Winder needs 1000 pillow cases & bed ticks
Richmond Dispatch 5/10/1862; Soldiers’ Aid Society to send committee to Winder Hospital every day
Richmond Daily Whig 5/10/1862; Room established for deposit of supplies.
Richmond Dispatch 5/18/1862; Ladies requested to visit Winder Hospital as nurses
Richmond Enquirer 5/19/1862; Soldiers returning to duty will report to Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 5/20/1862; C. D. Rice, Surgeon 3d Division Winder, needs cooks & laundresses
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1862; little girls hold fund-raiser - donate $100 to Camp Winder
Richmond Whig 5/24/1862; request for citizens to send supplies to Camp Winder
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; Winder Hospital needs empty vials to be sent there
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; YMCA appoints man to assist at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 5/28/1862; contributions for Winder Hospital are being accepted at two Richmond stores
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Dr. A. G. Lane denies rumor that smallpox at Winder Hospital
Charleston Mercury 6/9/1862; Description of the Battle of Seven Pines - notes that Capt. Elliot is raising a force for local defense; mentions the South Carolina Hospital in Manchester, Chimborazo, Winder, and the Alms House Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; Steward at Winder #4 acknowledges receipt of provisions
Richmond Whig 6/10/1862; appeal for a listing of patients in Richmond - mentions the difficulty in canvassing the many hospitals and the “streets of sick and wounded” at Camp Winder and Chimborazo
Richmond Dispatch 6/11/1862; new hospital to open in warehouse on 6th St., between Cary & Canal; Division #2 at Winder Hospital is a model of tidiness and cleanliness
Official Records, Ser. II, Vol. IV, pp. 773-774. 6/14/1862; Winder rebukes Surgeon Lane, and describes his observations of Winder Hospital. Chimborazo mentioned.
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; soldier in ward no. 78, Division 4, Winder Hospital seeks his aunt, who is in town
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; Three AWOLs from H18Va not deserters - detailed as nurses at Camp Winder
Yorkville (S.C.) Enquirer 6/26/1862; Details of J. Rufus Bratton, a surgeon at Winder Hospital
Richmond Whig 6/30/1862; Surg. Lane advertises for two slaves who ran away from the 2nd Division of Winder Hospital
Richmond Daily Dispatch 7/7/1862; ad for a man at Winder Hospital who can cure many manners of disease
Richmond Whig 7/9/1862; classified notice of a wounded North Carolinian in Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; female slave whipped for theft to Winder Hospital material
Richmond Enquirer 7/19/1862; free negro steals sheets and pillow-slips from Winder Hospital, and gets fifteen lashes
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; Surg. J. N. Bratton, 4th Division Winder Hospital, thanks New Providence Ladies Aid Society
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; R. A. Lewis, signing as surgeon in charge at Winder, thanks donors, including Mrs. Holliday and Mrs. Brown of Spotsylvania
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; AWOL notice for Arthur Rogers, of Dabney’s Siege Battery, who deserted from Winder Hospital. Unit camped at Tree Hill
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; Notice that two men from Winder Hospital have been dispatched to the countryside to purchase subsistence items
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. IV 8/1/1862; order from F. Sorrel, re-designating existing hospitals into Gen. Hosps. with numbers.
Ledger of Confederate Hospital Practice no date, List of Surgeons at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Joel Sparks, Nine Mile Road, jailed for having Yankee flag; H. B. Lipscomb of King William County sent to Camp Winder as a conscript
Richmond Dispatch 8/5/1862; Mrs. Bruce of Halifax, Va., sends supplies to Camp Winder; Mrs. Irvine of Halifax, Va., sends supplies to Centenary & Samaritan Hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; two soldiers from the 24th Va., have deserted from Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 8/11/1862; man and woman charged with stealing $400 worth of supplies from Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; description of a lost horse from Winder Hospital
M437, Letters Received by the CSA Secretary of War, Roll 101 8/25/1862; notes the establishment of Camp Winder as a military post, but now a guard will be stationed there for the hospital
Richmond Whig 8/29/1862; several hundred prisoners arrive at the Central depot, and have to lie on the streets for several hours, until they are marched off to Camp Winder
Richmond Whig 9/12/1862; excellent (and lengthy) letter from Surg. Lane at Winder Hospital describing the facility and administration of the hospital. Favorably mentions several matrons  there
Richmond Examiner 9/19/1862; Three companies of Marylanders are at Camp Maryland, contiguous to Camp Winder
Richmond Enquirer 9/26/1862; excellent description of the Senate debate on the hospital bill. Praises Clopton, St. Francis de Sales, Louisiana Hospital, and Winder Hospital. Gives some statistics not available elsewhere. Generally praises hospitals run by women
Richmond Examiner 9/26/1862; Surgeon General's report on Richmond and Petersburg hospitals. Notes that, up to this time, almost 100,000 patients have been treated in Richmond hospitals. Includes mortality figures.
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; wounded from Second Manassas are taken to Camp Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/30/1862; tabular report of sick & wounded soldiers in the Hospitals in Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 9/30/1862; Report of the Select Committee on Hospitals; reports on hospitals in Richmond and elsewhere and what to do about them - recommends reforms such as matrons, purchasing agents, and effective hospital funds. Mentions many current matrons, including S. L. Tompkins, Mrs. Clopton, Mrs. Hopkins,  several heretofore unknown matrons at Winder Hospital, and many others. Gives statistics of Winder and Chimborazo Hospitals. Excellent article.
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; religious revivals at Winder and Chimborazo
Library of Congress 10/6/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals and empty beds
Library of Congress 10/16/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals, empty beds, and Patients in them
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; negro convicted of stealing bushel of flour from Camp Winder bakery
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; 6 laundresses wanted at Camp Winder Hospital, Division #1, white or black
Richmond Enquirer 10/23/1862; slave ordered whipped for stealing a bag of flour from Winder Hospital
Library of Congress 11/1/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals, empty beds, and Patients in them
Richmond Whig

11/3/1862; soldier shot and mortally wounded by another soldier and taken to Camp Winder

W. K. Tabb CSR, M331 11/19/1862; nice material on the guard at Camp Winder
W. K. Tabb CSR, M331 11/20/1862; recommendation from A. G. Lane of W. K. Tabb for promotion; mentions Winder Hospital being the "largest in the Government"
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; commander of the guard at Camp Winder offers reward for the capture of a North Carolinian (named) who shot one of the guards
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; Michael Rourke, 1st TX, at Winder Hospital, arrested for stealing eggs from First Market
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; R. A. Lewis, Surgeon in charge at Winder, Division #5, adv for four laundresses & 3 female nurses
Richmond Enquirer 12/31/1862; excellent account of the Christmas dinner at Div. 1, Winder Hospital sponsored by the matron, Mrs. Mason. Also notes the kind treatment of patients by the matrons at the Banner Hospital. Praises the hospital bill and its provisions for matrons
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 416, pp. 22-24 1/8/1863; Carrington writes on the baking of bread in Richmond hospitals, urges the construction of ovens. Gives great details on the Chimborazo Bakery. Notes that GH1, GH4, Winder, Chimborazo and the South Carolina hospital all have their own ovens. GH9 and GH13 mentioned.
William A. Carrington CSR (M331) (no. 19) 3/12/1863; Plans for Winder Hospital
Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. XXV/2, p. 777 5/3/1863; 300 convalescents from Winder armed to repel Stoneman's Raid
Richmond Dispatch 5/4/1863; horse stolen from Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 5/4/1863; patient at Camp Winder enquires about a missing friend
Richmond Daily Whig 5/21/1863; Letter of Complaint
Richmond Daily Whig 5/27/1863; Notice of fraud
Richmond Sentinel 5/28/1863; Letter from patient praising accommodations
Richmond Sentinel 5/30/1863; Rebuke of 5/28 letter by another soldier
Richmond Sentinel 6/3/1863; Special notice on its charms
Richmond Sentinel 6/3/1863; Reference to other Winder complaints
Richmond Sentinel 6/18/1863; Notice announcing the formation of a Library Association for 1st Division, Winder Hospital, and request for books.
Richmond Enquirer 6/26/1863; Notice announcing the formation of a Library Association for 1st Division, Winder Hospital, and request for books.
Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. XXVII/3, p. 951 7/1/1863; report on convalescents available for defense of Richmond. Camp Winder and Camp Lee mentioned.
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1863; patient at Winder Hospital detained at Castle Thunder with no charge and eventually released
Richmond Sentinel 8/10/1863; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
R. A. Lewis CSR, M331 8/12/1863; notes on the number of beds and supplies needed in the 5th Division, Winder Hospital 
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 708, p. 196 8/13/1863; matrons at Winder and Chimborazo Hospitals are using the ambulances as "pleasure carriages" and must be stopped
Richmond Sentinel 9/21/1863; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
Joseph F. Powell file, M346 10/1/1863; $590 paid for repairs to Bakerys at Winder Hospital [Wm. E. Warren signs on 11/21/1863]
Richmond Daily Whig 10/9/1863; Library wanted at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 10/9/1863; Library established at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 10/12/1863; More on library at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 10/12/1863; Georgia patients vote for Gov. at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 10/14/1863; More on library at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 12/17/1863; Large building under construction blows down
Richmond Sentinel 12/19/1863; construction at Winder
CSMSJ Vol. I, No. 1 1/1864; statistics of Winder and Chimborazo hospitals through 1863. Winder's mortality rate is 5.37% and Chimborazo's is 6.42%
Richmond Daily Dispatch 1/6/1864; Chimborazo and Winder statistics
Richmond Daily Whig 1/22/1864; Seven buildings burned
Richmond Sentinel 1/23/1864; buildings burned
Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. XXXIII, pp. 1179-1180. 1/25/1864; Moore directs that patients be moved from Winder & GH#1 to Jackson.
Joseph F. Powell file, M346 1/28/1864; Carrington closes Winder Hospital temporarily and transfers patients to Jackson Hospital in order to repair facilities and allow for “freer ventilation” and to secure the hospital from fire. “Every alternate building will be removed and re-erected in the pine-grove adjoining the 3rd Division.” Subsequent endorsements haggle over details and cost
Joseph F. Powell file, M346 1/30/1864; 50 buildings to be removed at Winder Hospital for $375 each
Joseph F. Powell file, M346 2/3/1864; Important letter from Surgeon Lane regarding construction to be done at Winder Hospital “at the site of the late fire;” notes that bedding and linen is in bad shape, and Lane appears to be taking time during a hospital closure of 60 days to fix enumerated problems. Details on the shoddy shape of the hospital guard and manpower shortages “due to drafts”
Richmond Sentinel 2/20/1864; temporary closing of Winder, Howard's Grove, and General Hospital #1
Richmond Whig 2/24/1864; lamentation that the Confederate Government will not give the Alms House back to the city. Notes that "Chimborazo, Camp Winder, Howard’s Grove, etc., afford ample room for all the sick and wounded soldiers brought to this military department" and if they fill up, there are many other places to put the patients

RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 337, p. 5

5/8/1864; letter notifying the surgeon of GH#9 that a division (capacity 450) for North Carolinians has been opened at Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1864; describes Richmond during the Battle of Drewry's Bluff - notes on the admission procedures for the wounded and gives numbers admitted; notes on the hospitals for various states
Richmond Examiner 5/17/1864; Howard's Grove, Winder, Jackson, and Receiving (GH#9) Hospitals need nurses
Richmond Dispatch 5/17/1864; nurses needed for Receiving (GH#9), Howard's Grove, Winder, & Jackson hospitals
Richmond Sentinel 5/17/1864; while men are manning the defenses, Howard's Grove, Jackson, Winder, and the Receiving Hospital (Seabrook's) need ladies or servants to serve as nurses
Richmond Sentinel 5/17/1864; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
Richmond Sentinel 5/24/1864; appeal for rags to be sent to Winder Hospital
Richmond Whig 5/26/1864; praise of Chimborazo, Winder, Jackson and Howard’s Grove Hospitals, and states that there is ample space in those hospitals to accommodate any contingency; criticizes an unnamed hospital for lack of attention to patients
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 364, p. 103 6/1/1864; tents have been sent to the four large hospitals and will be used as convalescent wards - Gen. Lee desires that all those able to do so be returned to their commands
Richmond Daily Whig 6/8/1864; How wounded are treated at Winder
Joseph F. Powell file, M346 6/15/1864; Interesting letter from Supt. of City Water Works regarding the cleaning of “water closets” at Winder Hospital.
Richmond Daily Whig 6/15/1864; Account of editorial visit to Winder
Richmond Enquirer 6/16/1864; Good description of Winder Hospital
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 364, p. 132 6/28/1864; Surgeons at Chimborazo, Winder, Jackson, and Howard's Grove will not turn in any funds in order that they might be transferred to new hospitals or others less fortunate
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 364, p. 163 7/28/1864; capacities of major hospitals (Stuart, Louisiana, Howard's Grove, Jackson, Winder, Chimborazo) in Richmond are decreased by returning space allotment to 800 cubic feet per patient
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1864; NC sends $15,000 for NC soldiers at Winder
Richmond Sentinel 9/27/1864; Hospital "rats" at Winder Hospital suspected of crimes
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 151, p. 37 9/1862 - 9/1864; Statistics of Winder Hospital
A. G. Lane CSR (M331) (roll #100) 11/6/1864; Inspection report of 2nd Div., Winder Hospital
R. A. Lewis CSR, M331 11/9/1864; requisition for lumber to build a chapel at Stuart Hospital; recommends cannibalizing an unused building at Winder Hospital
Richmond Daily Whig 11/29/1864; 14 patients arrested for gambling at Winder
Richmond Sentinel 11/29/1864; Gambling arrests at Winder
Richmond Sentinel 1/28/1865; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. XL/2, p. 299. 1/30/1865; Union intelligence report says that Chimborazo, Jackson and Winder have been evacuated for whitewashing.
Richmond Sentinel 3/21/1865; Winder-Jackson Battalion; incl Negroes to parade
Richmond Dispatch 3/23/1865; negroes employed at Winder & Jackson join the army
Richmond Sentinel 3/23/1865; description of the Winder-Jackson Battalion's parade at Capitol square
Richmond Whig 4/10/1865; Hospitals in Richmond have been taken over by the federals - large ones are used for Union sick and wounded
Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. XLVI/3, pp. 882-884. 4/21/1865; report from the Union Relief Commission on the distribution of rations for the poor; Chimborazo & Winder are opened for use by destitutes.
William A. Curtis Memoir, Tenn. SLA no date; excellent description of hospital stay in GH#22 and Winder Hospital. Excellent physical descriptions.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. 2 (1876), pp. 125-128. "Resources of the C. S. Medical Dept. in February 1865."
Richmond Times-Dispatch 6/30/1907; great reminiscence of life in Winder Hospital in 1864; mentions an "erysipelas ward" near the old reservoir
John S. Knox, Jr. CSR, M331 various dates; Capt. ACS at Camp Winder, with details
R. A. Lewis CSR, M331 various dates; Winder and Stuart Hospital details
R. F. McGill CSR, M331 various dates; Winder Hospital food lists

In the National Archives:

Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vol. 710). 2 in.

Morning Reports of Patients and Attendants, Divisions No. 1-6. 1863-65. 1 vol. Daily reports showing the number of patients in hospital, in private quarters, received, returned to duty, transferred, furloughed, discharged, deserted, died, and remaining; the number of medical officers and attendants present for duty; and remarks. Arranged chronologically and thereunder by State of patient's organization.

Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vols. 457, 547). 2 in. Letters, Orders, and Circulars Issued and Received, Division No. 2. 1862-64. 2 vols. Copies of letters, orders, and circulars issued by the Surgeon-in-Charge of the hospital, and by the Adjutant and Inspector General's Department, the Medical Director's Office, and the Surgeon General's Office in Richmond. In volume 457 (1862-63) there are also issuances of the Inspector of Hospitals in Richmond, newspaper clippings relating to hospitals in general, and lists of medical officers, attendants, and detailed men. In volume 547 (1862-64) there are also issuances of various commands in Virginia and a few (1865) of the Federal officer in charge of Jackson Hospital. The contents of each volume are arranged chronologically.
Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vol. 258). 1 in. Register of Patients, Division No. 2. 1861-62. 1 vol. Shows patient's name, rank, organization, and disease; date admitted; disposition of case; and remarks. Entries are arranged by State to which patient's organization belonged. In the front of the volume are a few pages of a register for a hospital that has been identified by the War Department as the General Hospital at Leesburg, Va., also called the 7th Brigade Hospital.
Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vols. 233, 259, 260) and 1 index vol. (ch. VI, vol. 243). 3 in. Registers of Patients, Division No. 2. 1862-64. 3 vols. The register volumes show patient's number, name, rank, organization, and disease; disposition of case; and date admitted. Entries are arranged numerically. Index entries in volume 243 are arranged alphabetically by initial letter of patient's name and show his name, rank, organization, and number. This volume is an index to volume 233.
Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vol. 435). ½ in. Register of Patients, Division No. 2. 1862-65. 1 vol. Shows date of admittance; patient's name, rank, and organization; ward number; and sometimes disease or residence. Entries are arranged by date of admittance. The names of patients admitted before Jan. 14, 1864, are duplicated in volume 233 (see preceding entry).
Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vol. 218). 1 in. Lists of Employees, Division No. 2. 1863-64. 1 vol. This volume contains lists of detailed men, guards, matrons, cooks, laundresses, and medical officers. The lists are arranged by type as mentioned.
Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vol. 412). 1 in. Hospital Steward's Accounts, Division No. 2. 1862-64. 1 vol. This volume shows date, cash on hand and received, source of receipts, cash expended and to whom paid, and balance on hand. The accounts are arranged chronologically.

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